Kurt Headrick

Kurt Headrick

Kurt Headrick

Chief Chemist



B.S., Chemistry & Geology

Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry

Work experience in government, academia and industry. Mid-career change from academia to industry assisted by ACS and other Career Consultants. Despite many US interviews and some offers, my entire career has been in Canada. Although Canadian, I have helped ACS members transition and succeed in both countries. I have given Careers for Chemists presentations, written for ACS, and assisted at many ACS events. Currently Chief Chemist for a Global Fortune 500 mining company. Publications in analytical and environmental chemistry, lab management, careers, nonfiction.

Past work experience includes:

  • PCB/dioxin/furans, toxaphene, herbicides, GHG analysis for Agriculture Canada, Health Canada
  • Managed analytical, instrumental analysis, spectroscopy, chemical engineering and electronics and instrumentation teaching labs for two universities
  • Startup, commissioned and managed arctic fly in-fly out mining lab (Chemical & Engineering News interview)
  • Contract lab radio-analytical scientist and then manager, including neutron activation analysis, business development for nuclear chemistry business, assisted with mining business development


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