Lynne Greenblatt


Lynne Greenblatt

Pharmaceutical Industry (Retired)

Lynne Greenblatt retired in 2010 from a 37-year career in the pharmaceutical industry, starting out as a chemist in QA/QC, a manager in bulk API manufacturing and ultimately as a Principal Research Scientist in drug discovery research.  Upon retirement, she and her husband moved from the Princeton, NJ area to New Brunswick, in Atlantic Canada.  For a time, they owned and operated a software consulting company, Phare View Concepts, Inc., specializing in custom applications in Microsoft Excel. They have both since retired from that venture.  

Lynne has been an active member of the ACS since 1992 at both local and national levels. In addition to her role as an ACS Career Consultant, she is also a facilitator for the ACS Leadership Development courses and ACS Careers workshops. She has also served on numerous committees in ACS governance. She was named an ACS Fellow in 2011.

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