Patrick Gordon

Patrick Gordon

Patrick Gordon

Assistant Professor of Chemistry 

MCPHS University, Boston, Massachusetts


B.S., University of Guyana, South America

M.S., University of New South Wales, Australia

Ph.D., University of Manitoba, Canada

I have obtained all my degrees outside of the U.S. I am an immigrant and have obtained my permanent residency through company sponsorship. I have done both academic and industrial post-doctoral fellowships. I have worked in industry (both large and small companies) and experienced several layoffs. I have worked in academia at many small colleges as an adjunct professor (13 years) and had a full-time position at a community college where I was fired before my fifth year begun (union rules would have made me permanent) as a result of poor student evaluations (my opinion racist evaluations by both students and Dean).

I am a recipient of a Fulbright Scholar award to Jamaica which I will be taking up next year. I have been an ACS member since 1979 and have been involved in my local section (NESACS) since 1989 and have been a regular presenter at our YCC and national career fair events over the last decade.

My immigrant journey allows me to give credible advice based on my experience given the demographics of the candidates who seek career services advice.

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