ACS Leadership Development System

The ACS Leadership Development System® concentrates on four main areas of core leadership competency (personal capability, interpersonal skills, focusing on results and setting a clear direction) and the overarching character competency. These characteristics have been found to differentiate outstanding leaders in corporate and many other organizational environments.

The ACS LDS curriculum includes both self-paced e-learning courses, and facilitated courses that provide hands-on learning and networking opportunities. Facilitated courses are offered throughout the year at national, regional and local section meetings as well as at the ACS Leadership Institute.

Leadership Development System Courses

Personal Capability

ACS & You

Online Course   

This course will help you learn about ACS and begin to see where you fit, how you can benefit personally and professionally, and how you can contribute in setting the future direction of ACS.

Managing Projects Effectively

Online Course   

Learn a practical 5-step process that will improve your ability to lead projects to completion – on time, within budget, optimizing your resources, and achieving your goals.

Fostering Innovation

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Gain the understanding and tools to help you tap into your innovation style and learn how to stimulate innovative thinking among team members and colleagues.

Leading without Authority

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Learn how to gain cooperation without formal authority and motivate others to accomplish important goals.

Interpersonal Skills

Engaging Colleagues in Dialogue

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Learn how to improve your one-to-one communication skills for more effective results and assess your skills through conversations with others.

Running Productive Meetings

Online Course   

Learn how to leverage this key leadership tool to make the most of their time, talents, and resources to effectively and efficiently accomplish team projects.

Coaching and Feedback

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Learn how to increase performance, expand the skills of your team, encourage creativity and improve the morale of team members.

Develop and practice your own effective communication strategy and discover how communication can make your goals possible.

Developing Communication Strategies

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Focusing on Results

This course helps you gain information about projects and volunteer assignments so that you can clearly understand the scope of the project, resources, timelines, and expectations, in order to make the best decision about volunteering opportunities

Engaging & Motivating Volunteers

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Learn practical tools to engage volunteers and to ensure successful and professional rewarding assignments, for the purpose of encouraging volunteer participation in future assignments.

Collaborating Across Boundaries

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Learn strategies and tools to be more effective in leading collaborative efforts. Gain practical skills that can be applied immediately in the lab, at school, in the office or at ACS.

Succession Planning

Online Course   

Learn practical skills necessary to ensuring the future success of your section, division, region or committee as the baton is passed. Leaders will create their own succession plans for the leadership role they currently hold.

Setting A Clear Direction

Matching Interests with Goals is a unique online course that helps you gain a better understanding of what you want; what interests you; what will help you move your career in the direction you want; and what you can bring to the project.

Learn about ACS membership both from data that is available and research techniques for gaining greater understanding of member interests.

Leading Change

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Learn a step-wise process that will guide you to lead you team effectively through change.

Strategic Planning

4-Hour Facilitated Courses

Develop and practice your own effective communication strategy and discover how communication can make your goals possible.

Character Compentency

Extraordinary Leaders

8-Hour Facilitated Courses

Use personal feedback on your leadership competencies to create a plan for developing your leadership strengths to become and extraordinary leader.