Personal Career Consulting

Career Consultants and ACS members work together in developing career plans. A consultant can stimulate your thinking, ask important career planning questions to help clarify goals, provide encouragement, teach strategies for making meaningful career decisions and aid you in your job search. Career Consultants are available at ACS Meetings, Regional Meetings, Career Events and online.

Virtual Office Hours 

ACS Career Consultants are now on hand every Thursday at 12:00-1:00pm ET for Virtual Office Hours.

ACS Members can join a weekly moderated group session to: 

  • Ask questions about resume writing and video interviewing
  • Learn to optimize your LinkedIn profile
  • Get tips on successful networking 
  • Find additional ACS career resources and more!!

ACS Members can also network with fellow participants in the virtual session. 

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August 5  - Which Degree is Right for You?

Register for this special themed session today! Learn more about this event here.

Services Offered

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Mock Interview

A mock interview is the best way to prepare to speak with a potential employer. You will have the opportunity to practice answering difficult questions as well as receive feedback on how you present in interviews. You will also be able to ask your consultant about their background, and how he or she obtained their job.

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Résumé Review

Your résumé is a summary of your experience, knowledge and skills. It should show an employer what you’ve done, not just what you are capable of. Because your résumé should cater to the position you are seeking, you may need several versions that are specific to the jobs you are applying to.

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Become a Career Consultant

Volunteer consultants coach professionals at all stages of their careers with advice and tips for job searching, resumes, curriculum vitae formats, communication skills, and career management. 

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