ACS Experts

The American Chemical Society Experts are chemists and chemical engineers who provide reliable, in-depth analysis and media response to a wide range of topics in the news and of interest to the public and policymakers.

ACS vouches for these individuals' ability to speak cogently and professionally, but their expert analyses, perspectives and positions are their own.

Browse the list below to find ACS Experts for science-based insight and commentary on energy and environmental issues, food, pharmaceuticals, brain chemistry, innovation, advanced materials, climate change, national security, lab safety, clean water, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)  and more.

ACS Experts are not spokespeople for the American Chemical Society; please confirm any Expert’s chosen affiliation with each Expert directly.

  • Rigoberto Advincula
    polymer science, nanomaterials
    region: Ohio
  • Anne Andrews
    brain chemistry
    region: California
  • Denise Aronson
    lab safety, protecting workers and the environment when working with hazardous materials
    region: Boston
  • Eric Beckman
    green design and engineering, job creation, innovation
    region: Pittsburgh
  • Suzanne Bell
    forensic chemistry, gunshot residue, designer drugs, cannabinoids
    region: West Virginia
  • Mark Benvenuto
    manufacturing, jobs
    region: Detroit
  • Fikile Brushett
    energy storage and conversion, electric power and transportation sectors
    region: Massachusetts
  • Danielle Buckley
    chemistry education, STEM education, policy, outreach
    region: Texas
  • Raychelle Burks
    forensic science, analytical chemistry, pop culture chemsitry
    region: Texas
  • William Carroll
    industrial chemistry, chemical industry, petrochemicals, oil, natural gas, plastics, combustion
    region: Texas
  • Tami Lasseter Clare
    art preservation
    region: Oregon
  • Wilfredo Colón
    protein stability (as it relates to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and prion diseases), protein misfolding and aggregation
    region: New York
  • David Constable
    environmental protection, green chemistry
    region: Washington, DC
  • Kim R. Dunbar
    nanoscience, materials
    region: Texas
  • Lesley-Ann Giddings
    natural products, biochemistry
    region: Vermont
  • Joseph L. Glajch
    region: New Hampshire
  • Rolf Halden
    human health effects of environmental pollution, environmental remediation, analytical chemistry
    region: Arizona
  • Matthew Hartings
    food chemistry, materials science
    region: Washington, DC
  • Catherine Hunt
    innovation, jobs
    region: Pennsylvania
  • Nancy Jackson
    national security, international, jobs
    region: New Mexico
  • Andy Jorgensen
    climate change, energy, chemistry of the atmosphere
    region: Ohio
  • Brian Kennedy
    STEM education
    region: Northern Virginia
  • Ann Kwong
    pharmaceuticals, medicinal chemistry
    region: Massachusetts
  • Craig W. Lindsley
    medicinal chemistry, novel treatment strategies for brain disorders, schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease
    region: Tennessee
  • Scott Lockledge
    job creation, R&D investment
    region: Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)
  • Preston MacDougall
    tools for drug design, nanoscience, STEM
    region: Tennessee
  • Steve Maguire
    neutrino detection, alternative fuels, teaching science
    region: Ontario (Sudbury)
  • John M. Malin
    chemistry of household products, chemistry of automobiles, energy transfer and storage
    region: Virginia
  • Robert McGorrin
    food, flavor, aroma chemistry
    region: Oregon
  • Chavonda J. Mills
    medicinal chemistry, STEM education
    region: Georgia
  • Daniel J. Mindiola
    inorganic and organometallic synthesis, reaction mechanisms, natural gas conversion
    region: Pennsylvania
  • Sally Mitchell
    STEM education, food science
    region: New York
  • Amanda Morris
    sustainable energy, STEM diversity
    region: Virginia
  • John M. Newsam
    biotechnology, skin products
    region: California
  • May Nyman
    sustainable materials, energy, environment
    region: Oregon
  • Susan Olesik
    STEM education, nanoscience, food security
    region: Ohio
  • Kristin M. Omberg
    national security, counterterrorism, public health and science policy
    region: Washington (state)
  • Hans Plugge
    food safety, toxicology, risk assessment of chemicals
    region: Maryland
  • Kimberly Prather
    climate science
    region: California
  • Christopher Reddy
    environmental chemistry, marine pollution, petroleum geochemistry, marine natural products
    region: Massachusetts
  • Susan D. Richardson
    water and environmental contaminants
    region: South Carolina
  • Rick Sachleben
    pharma industry, innovation
    region: Massachusetts (Boston)
  • David Valentine
    Deepwater Horizon oil spill, methane, geochemistry
    region: California
  • Jalonne L. White-Newsome
    environmental policy
    region: Michigan
  • Frankie Wood-Black
    chemical health and safety, sustainability, green chemistry, environment, Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), petroleum chemistry
    region: Oklahoma
  • Andrew L. Zydney
    artificial organs, bioseparations, membrane science, interactions between biological cells and artificial materials, chemical engineering
    region: Pennsylvania

Emeritus Experts

Emeritus Experts have undergone all of the ACS Experts trainings and have been terrific resources for the public and the media over the years. We encourage you to contact these veteran Experts directly based on their listed areas of expertise. 

  • Chulsung Bae
    energy, green chemistry, environment, fuel cells, material science
    region: New York
  • Diane Bunce
    STEM education
    region: Washington, DC
  • Richard A. Feely
    carbon cycling in the oceans,  ocean acidification
    region: Washington (state)
  • Stephen S. Hecht
    cancer and tobacco, human susceptibility factors
    region: Minnesota
  • Jeremy T. Mathis
    carbon dioxide and ocean acidification
    region: Washington (state)
  • Laura Pence
    science policy
    region: Connecticut
  • Amy Ripka
    medicinal chemistry, antivirals, hepatitis C, MRSA
    region: Massachusetts
  • Eloise C. Young
    innovation, product development
    region: Ohio


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