Scholar Profile

Amy Paris

Voted Most Likely To:

University of Arkansas, Class of 2003
University of Arkansas, Ph.D. Engineering

Currently Working As:
Principal Chemical Engineer, Eastman Chemical Company

What do you love about your job?
I work in Technology in Pilot Plant Operations. It is very rewarding to develop new processes and products from the ground up and test those for production. I love the hands-on aspect of my job.

What has been the most exciting part of your career so far?
My team was awarded a patent for a project we worked on. The project was very fulfilling and exciting and the patent was a great reward for the hard work.

What would you tell yourself at age 18?
Don't ever pass up on an opportunity. Always be brave. You don't want to look back and wish you had done something that you didn't do.

How has ACS Scholars impacted your life and career?
My older brother was in the first ACS Scholars class so I learned of the program through him. I was able to have great mentoring opportunities through the program which impacted my education. Since I have been in industry, I have gotten to travel to several events and conferences to speak with women and minorities about the program and about career paths available for students in STEM.