Scholar Profile

Jeremy Morales Madrigal

Voted Most Likely To:

University of California at San Diego, Class of 2013
University of California at Santa Barbara, Master of Technology Management

Currently Working As:
Associate Maintenance Engineer, Hormel Foods

What do you love about your job?
The versatility to work in different industries (going from oil and gas, to education and then to the food industry) and apply the knowledge acquired at school and at my previous employment opportunities.

What has been the most exciting part of your career so far?
By far having the opportunity to live in different parts of the world and different regions of the USA. Getting to know different cultures both professionally and personally is what keeps me motivated to learn and make the most out of any opportunity.

What would you tell yourself at age 18?
Dream big and take chances. Allow yourself to fail and make sure to enjoy the ride.

How has ACS Scholars impacted your life and career?
First through financial support, but most importantly by creating a vision of achievement by setting goals and creating plans to achieve them. The ACS Scholars program exposes students to a network of professionals to help them turn their dreams into realities.