Scholar Profile

Benjamin Petty

Voted Most Likely To:

NC State University, Class of 2003

Currently Working As:
Sports Medicine Physician, Emerge Ortho

What do you love about your job?
I love many things about my career. What I love most about my career is that I have been able to use my various life experiences to enhance my career. In college I became an ACS Scholar, Chemistry major, and a varsity Basketball player at NC State. I am able to pull from those experiences to enhance my Sports Medicine Practice. I love being able to help people over come their injury and pain, and impact and inspire youth.

What has been the most exciting part of your career so far?

What would you tell yourself at age 18?

How has ACS Scholars impacted your life and career?
ACS Scholars helped me through my college experience as a Chemistry major. I went on to do a number of research projects. I also worked as a chemist at two Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical Corporations. This prepared me for the rigors of Medical school and the transition to Medicine. I have publications from the research I have conducted. I am currently a fellowship-trained physician and board certified in Family Medicine and Sports Medicine.