Scholar Profile

Lorell Muñoz-Hernández

Voted Most Likely To:

University of Puerto Rico - Humacao Campus, Class of 1999

Currently Working As:
Assistant Professor, University of Puerto Rico

What do you love about your job?
A great deal of professionals are leaving my island because of the deep economic troubles and criminality we face everyday. I love that as a chemistry professor I can give back to my community and help educate the future professionals of my island. I specially encourage women to keep going and get into STEM careers. I also enjoy doing research in chemistry education.

What has been the most exciting part of your career so far?
The most exciting part is when my former students get back to me and tell me they are following their dreams.

What would you tell yourself at age 18?
Believe in yourself.

How has ACS Scholars impacted your life and career?
I come from a small town, when I got into college I did not even know what research really was. When my professors talked to me about the potential I had to become a part of the ACS Scholars Program and all the opportunities it offered I started to believe I was valuable. This is something that women in STEM careers need to know and believe.