Graduate School Readiness & Professional Development Boot Camp

A workshop for undergraduate students seeking to pursue graduate studies in the chemical sciences

The ACS Bridge Project (ACS-BP) is partnering with the Genentech Foundation and the ACS Leadership Institute (ACS-LI) to launch the Graduate School Readiness and Professional Development (GSRPD) Boot Camp for 25 selected undergraduate students from underrepresented racial and ethnic (UR) groups who are currently enrolled in a US-based institution. Traditionally, UR groups refer to primarily African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Native Americans; however, other UR groups are welcome to participate as well.

The GSRPD Boot Camp will use the core components from the Individual Development Plan (IDP) process to assist students in articulating and framing their unique strengths, experiences, motivations, and goals towards their personal and professional development. The GSRPD Bootcamp will also outline a strategy for crafting competitive graduate school applications.

When & Where

The GSRPD Boot Camp will be held concurrently with the ACS-LI in Atlanta, Georgia on January 26 - 28. The core workshop activities will be held in 2024, with an additional pre-workshop event that will be held virtually mid-November. More details of the virtual event will be provided to selected applicants. All travel and accommodations will be covered by ACS for applicants currently based in the US.


Participants will:

  1. Identify individual values, strengths, and motivations
  2. Write guided personal statements and receive one-on-one feedback about improving their personal narrative
  3. Learn and practice constructing competitive graduate schools applications by using the NSF GRFP Fellowship as an example
  4. Gain crucial insights and experiences towards expanding and nurturing a professional network
  5. Enhance professional development through educational and career coaching

How to Apply

Applications for the 2024 Boot Camp are now closed.

Boot Camp Testimonials 

"...[The Boot Camp] allowed me to increase my network with brilliant, minded individuals from different cultures sharing different stories. I got to build new friendships with a diverse range of young, talented undergraduate chemistry research students who share the same goal as me to pursue higher education..."

- Sophie Ntipouna, 2023 Boot Camp Participant

"...It was great to network with talented individuals from all walks of life and hear their stories. We gained insight into the graduate school application process, resume and CV critiques, Personal statements, leadership workshops, and personalized one-on-one mentorship from academics, my mentor definitely showed personal investment in my future..."

- Christian J. Andrade Herrera, 2023 Boot Camp Participant

"I met so many amazing chemistry students, from the US and Mexico, interested in learning about graduate studies in the chemical sciences. A few weeks after this, I invited a few of the local students (Georgia State, Georgia Tech, and Olegethorpe Universities) to visit my lab at Morehouse. This humbling experience has motivated me [more] to continue to provide intentional cultural mentorship!"

- Dr. Juana Mendenhall, Professor and Chair of Chemistry at Morehouse College, 2023 Faculty Consultant

About the Genentech Foundation: 

Launched in 2018 with a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the ACS Bridge Project aims for increased representation of students from underrepresented ethnic and racial groups pursuing advanced degrees in the Chemical Sciences through its participation with the Inclusive Graduate Education Network (IGEN).

The Genentech Foundation supports the ACS Bridge Project to increase capacity for ACS’ broadening participation initiatives, such as ACS Bridge Fellow and ACS Bridge Departments that demonstrate a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition, the Genentech Foundation supports professional development workshops, like the GSRPD Boot Camp.

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