2021-2022 Scholarship Recipients

Loconti Scholar

In 2019, the Joseph D. Loconti Foundation made a generous donation to provide enduring support for students through summer research fellowships and college scholarships.  A portion of the funding was used to establish the Joseph D. Loconti Fund for ACS Project SEED. Each year one student is selected to receive a four- year renewable scholarship to continue their studies in the chemical sciences.

Picture of Bernice Owusu

Bernice Owusu
Muhlenberg College
Major: Biochemistry
Project SEED mentors: Dr. Alexei Khalizov, Enekwizu Ogochuwku & Hasani Ali

Project SEED Scholars

The Project SEED College Scholarship is a first-year nonrenewable scholarship for Project SEED participants entering their freshman year majoring in a chemical science or STEM related field. In 2021, 42 students who have demonstrated a high potential to succeed were awarded the college scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. Additionally, three SEED College Scholarship recipients were awarded a three-year renewable college scholarship. Congratulations to the recipients of the College Scholarships; ACS wishes all students continued success in their future careers.

Picture of Antonio Harvey

Antonio Harvey
Longwood University
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Porter   

Picture of Bethlehem Gessesse

Bethlehem Gessesse
Johns Hopkins University
Major: Medicinal Science

Picture of Emily Delgado

Emily Delgado
Saint Peters University
Major: Biochemistry
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Armani

Picture of Eun Sil Rolins

Eun Sil Rolins
Washington University, St. Louis
Major: Biochemistry

Picture of Gabriella Beniquez

Gabriella Beniquez 
University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez
Major: Computer Engineering
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Ingrid Montes

Picture of Hamzeh Kanaan

Hamzeh Kanaan
Rutgers-New Brunswick University
Major: Biology

Picture of Jehan Sheikh

Jehan Sheikh
University of Georgia
Major: Psychology

Picture of Jelisha Perera

Jelisha Perera
Texas A& M University, College Station
Major: Biochemistry
Proejct SEED mentor: Dr.Sushma Ramsinghani

Picture of Jordan Petzold

Jordan Petzold 
Carnegie Mellon University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Project SEED mentor: Bobbi Gorman

Picture of Kahlil Johny

Kahlil Johny
Georgia Institute of Technology Major: Biology and Engineering
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Ajay Mallia


Kennedy Rodriguez
American University
Major: Biochemistry

Picture of Maggie Louie

Maggie Louie
Major: Biochemistry


Maura Dresner-Pfau
University of Pennsylvania
Major: Chemistry

Picture of Morgan del Rosario

Morgan del Rosario
Purdue University
Major:  Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Science
Project SEED mentors: Mr. Elmer Sanders., Dr. Daniel Robertson, Dr. Joe Yang & Dr. Liangpunsakul

Picture of Nabaa Ali

Nabaa Ali
The University of Toledo
Major: Biology

Picture of Rita Lin

Rita Lin 
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Major: Microbiology


Sara Alsaifi
Boise State University
Major: Biology

Picture of Seunghee Han

Seunghee Han
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED mentor: Melissa Rey & David Sabillon


Sofia Melgar
Florida International University
Major: Biomedical Engineering

Picture of Vaibhav Duggirala

Vaibhav Duggirala
Brown University
Major: Public Health
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Jerome Robinson

Picture of Wajiha Mekki

Wajiha Mekki 
University of Alabama at Birmingham 
Major: Medical Sociology 
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Naomi Lee 

Picture of Benjamin Martinez

Benjamin Martinez
University of Texas at Austin
Major: Chemical Engineering


Dorcas Ogba
Columbia University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Zeeshan Ahmed

Picture of Enrique Duran Del Cid

Enrique Duran Del Cid
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Major: Computer Science

Picture of Fernanda Velasco

Fernanda Velasco 
University of California Irvine 
Major: Chemistry 
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Marcin Iwanicki 

Picture of Grace Atilola

Grace Atilola
Purdue University 
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Project SEED mentors: Dr. Joe Bidwell & Dr. Frederique Deiss

Picture of Heyu Sun

Heyu Sun
Cornell University
Major: Chemical engineering
Project SEED mentors: Melissa Rey & David Sabillon 

Picture of Jehlan White

Jehlan White
UNC Chapel Hill
Major: Public Health
Project SEED mentors: Dr. Alan E. Tonelli & Cristina Guillen-Diaz 

Picture of Jennifer Alvarez

Jennifer Alvarez
Florida International University
Major: Biochemistry
Project SEED mentors: Cierra James & Lilyveth Mesa

Picture of Jubilie Zeda

Jubilie Zeda
University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED mentors: Karla Troncoso, David Castro, Dr. Ingrid Montes & Dr. José A. Pietro

Picture of Kaura Reyes

Kaura Reyes
Syracuse University
Major: Environmental Engineering


Picture of Kensey Eley

Kensey Eley
Alcorn State University
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Jianchi Chen

Picture of Mahia Rahman

Mahia Rahman 
Harvard University
Major: Computer  Science and Social Justice
Project SEED mentors: Dr. Faye Rubinson, Sara Mattson & Professor Akos Vertes

Picture of Michelle Lin

Michelle Lin
Washington and Lee University
Major: Chemistry 


Nafisa Yeasmin 
Barnard College of Columbia University 
Major: Environmental Science

Picture of Samuel Rivera Vargas

Samuel Rivera Vargas 
University of Puerto Rico Rio Piedras campus. 
Major: Chemistry

Picture of Seham Abutaha

Seham Abutaha
The University of Toledo
Major: Biology

Picture of Sigird Real-Aguilar

Sigird Real-Aguilar 
Duke University 
Major: Chemistry 

Picture of Tyler Johnson

Tyler Johnson 
Oakland University
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Keith Williams

Picture of Vishwas Duggirala

Vishwas Duggirala 
Brown University
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED mentor: Dr. Jerome Robinson

Picture of Yuki Lin

Yuki Lin
New York University 
Major: Psychology 
Project SEED mentors: Michele Meline & Jamie Shetzline

CIBA Specialty Chemicals Scholars

CIBA Specialty Chemicals was a leading global chemical company acquired by BASF in 2008. The Ciba Foundation made a generous legacy gift to the American Chemical Society to establish the Ciba Specialty Chemicals Scholars Endowment expanded the one-year Project SEED college scholarships to a three-year renewable scholarship.

Picture of Alexis Grady

Alexis Grady
North Carolina A&T
Major: Chemical Engineering
Project SEED Mentor: Shirnece Brown

Picture of Esthela Barriga

Esthela Barriga
University of California, Riverside
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED Mentor: Jacqueline Trischman

Picture of Mason Lampron

Mason Lampron
SUNY Oneonta
Major: Chemistry
Project SEED Mentor: K V Laskshmi