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Carbon Wins the 2020 ACS Periodic Playoff!!

Download and Print the official printable 2020 Periodic Playoff Bracket after voting for each matchup above.  Pass out printed brackets to friends, family, and co-workers to compete in a friendly Periodic Playoff tournament. Collect the brackets from each participant before the tournament begins and share your completed brackets to our social media pages and see how you compete with the rest of the world. 

  • Can you predict a perfect bracket?  
  • Who will predict the most wins? 
  • What elements will become the cinderella story for the tournament? 
  • Which element do you have your ion to charge on through to become the 2020 Periodic Playoff Champion?  

Periodic Playoff 2020 dates and schedule

Rounds Date Location
Periodic Table Intial Voting Feb 18 - Feb 25, 12:00pm  
1st Round Feb 26 - Mar 3, 12:00pm  
2nd Round Mar 3 @12:01pm  -  Mar 10 @12pm  
3rd Round Mar 10 @12:01pm  -  Mar 17 @12pm  
4th Round Mar 17 @12:01pm  -  Mar 24 @12pm  
5th Round Mar 24 @12:01pm  -  Apr 1 @12:00pm  
Final Round  Apr 1 @12:01pm  -   Apr 7 @12pm