2023 National Chemical Technician Award

2023 National Chemical Technician Award Winner – Roxanne Boehmer, Laboratory Technologist, 3MTM

Roxanne grew from an individual supporting more senior and experienced scientists to a subject matter expert in testing, adhesive coatings, vapor deposition methods, material and product characterization, equipment calibration and lab equipment monitoring processes. Since joining 3M™, Roxanne has mentored more than 100 technical aides, contract workers and new employees. She has onboarded them and has ensured they understand safety practices and SOPs that need to be followed. Roxanne is listed as an inventor in 64 patent applications both in the US and internationally. These inventions are part of nine patent families.  She has 28 external publications. Roxanne is a prolific author of 28 external publications and 46 internal and proprietary technical reports covering many of the 51 core technologies at 3M™.