Information for Current Recipients

Congratulations on receiving the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant

ACS requires all recipients to submit a report on your accomplishments, challenges, activities, and overall experience resulting from your grant award. Especially with the year that we had, we would love to hear how you faced the unexpected and challenges.  

Not only is the final report a way to help you meet the conditions of the award, it is also your opportunity to share your experience with us and others who may be interested in applying in the future. Take a few moments and tell us about your experience.  

Due to the pandemic, we are waiving the resubmission rule to wait another year to apply for another ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant.  You may apply for a grant this year.  We are currently accepting applications through June 1, 2024.  Submission of a final report will still be required before applying for another grant. If you do not plan to apply for another grant, then the deadline to submit your report is June 30, 2024.  

Below are the guidelines for your final report.  

Report Components

The Report

Proposal Outcome Summary

Describe an accomplishment, activity, or aspect of the proposal that best represents your experience. Include in this brief description what your opportunity was, how the students were impacted, and how your classroom has been changed. We are creating a database of award recipients. Your summary will be used in this database so be as descriptive as possible. Limit your response to 1,500 characters (250 words). 

Number of Students Impacted

Please enter the approximate number of chemistry students impacted by your grant during your granting period.  

Student Benefits

How were these students impacted?  Did you notice a change in attitude, academic performance, or other change indicators as a result of the grant? Limit your response to 4,000 characters (500 words). 

Photos & Photo Captions (Optional)

You may submit up to 3 photos that is active, engaging, and best illustrates your proposed outcomes (i.e., students engagement or you sharing with your fellow colleague(s)). The photo must be high resolution (300 DPI, 5 MB max) and image format (jpeg/gif/png). As with your headshot, do not insert the photos into a MS Word or PDF document. For each photo, provide a caption that describes the captured event and who are involved. 

ACS Photo Release Form

If you have photos containing individuals other than yourself, please have each individual sign the ACS Photo Release Form.

Future Plans

Share what you plan to do going forward as a result of your grant. (250 words maximum)


Give us your suggestions on how ACS might better serve the high school chemistry community or improve the application and reporting procedures for this grant program. (250 words maximum)