ACS-Hach Classroom Grant Past Recipients


Congratulations to the 2008-2009 recipients of the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant!

Recipient School Project Name
Rebecca Anderson Gardner High School Vernier LabQuest with software
Lisa Arnold Alma High School Water Testing Equipment
David Bain Lakes Community High School Water Testing Equipment
Rodger Baldwin Clinton Community High School Clicker System
Barbara Barcus Basha High School Sargent Welch Spectrometer and Colorimeter
Mary Barr Argyle High School Mentoring Program
Nate Beelen Whitefish Township Community Schools Water Quality Monitoring Equipment
James Benigna The Roeper School Cooking Supplies
Michael Benjamin Roger Bacon High School Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Solar Panels, and Model Hydrogen-powered Cars
Linda Bennett Naperville Central High School Curriculum Series and Demos
Ellen Berwick Bonney Lake High School A.P. Lab Equipment
Tricia Betthauser Adlai E. Stevenson High School Radon Test Kits
Vicki Beyer Charleston High School Lab Equipment to Test/Analyzing Consumer Products
Mike Blok Beaverton High School Hach Water Testing Equipment
Penny Lyons High School Summer Workshop on Modeling
Stephen Boliver Belen High School Chemistry Shows for Middle School Students
Katherine Bowdring Langley High School White Board
Jeffrey Bracken Westerville North High School Ebb & Grow Hydro Systems
Ronald Brandt West Orange High School Smartboard
Robert Briggs Evangel Baptist Academy Disposable to Replenish Supply Cabinet
Nancy Brim Lakeside High School Digital Projector
Kelly Brock Franklin High School Materials for Mini Labs
Corey Brueckner Heritage High School Quantitative Ion Separation Lab
Sara Busken Mona Shores Public Schools Hach Spec 2000 with Disposables
Don Cameron Lakewood High School Vernier Spectrometer
Cherisse Campbell Paul Hodgson Vo-Tech High School Model Fuel Cell Car Kits
Kristy Cannell Eastern Alamance High School Hot Plates and Burets
Corinne Carlson Rock Canyon High School Top Loader Balances
Matt Carlson William Henry Harrison High School pH Probes and Absorption Spectroscopy sets
Barbara Carpenter Fort Hamilton High School Flinn Electrolyte and pH Handheld Devices
Shiloh Carroll Highland High School Computer Projector and Airliner
Pam Carter Madill High School Portable Turbidimeter
Jeff Christopherson Normal Community High School Spanish translations for worksheets
Thomas Cleary Crestone Charter School Portable Bench Top Fume hood, Shower, and Flooring
Angie Codron Normal Community West High School pH Meters
Ann Comins Madison Memorial High School Automatic Solution Dispensers
Mary Coogan Liberty High School Delta & Science kit and Activity Kits
Thomas Cork Queens High School for the Sciences @ York College Clicker System
Jeanine Cosh Broadneck High School Electronic Probes
Myra Crews Rutherford High School Field Trips to teach elementary students about polymers
Renee Cribbins Homer High School Handheld Vernier Data Collector Probes
Linda Cummings The Classical Academy Flinn Analytical Balance
Karen Currey Lawrence High School Vernier Probes
David Dahari Marvin Ridge High School Ceramic Glazes
Michael Dalton Central High School A.P. Chemistry Textbooks
Toai Dao Life Academy of Health & Bio-Science Classroom Clickers
Lavonda Deale Crestview High School Laboratory Supplies
Charronda Dennis Moss Point High School Science Club
Robert DeSimone Notre Dame High School Spectronic 20D Spectrophotometer
Jonathan Devenney Mountain Ridge High School Tablet PC
Bev Devore-Wedding Meeker High School Water Still with Water Testing Kit
Staci Diminich Islip High School Soil and Water Testing Equipment
Steve DiMuzio LaBrae High School Vernier LabQuest Interfaces, pH Probes, and Conductivity probes
Kathleen Dombrink McCluer North High School Lab Equipment for Take-home Experiments
Randall Dunkin North Adams High School Radon Test Kits and Pocket Geiger Counter
Bud Ellis Addison High School Hach Water Testing Equipment
Robin Esteb Brownsburg High School CIM Audiovisual equipment
Tina Falconer Ranum High School Resource Kits for Biotechnology-based Units
John Fennell Cherokee Trail High School Contrasting Fossil Fuels Lab
Ronn Fieldhouse Harlen High School Pasco Probeware for A.P. chemistry
Marna Fox Ponte Vera High School Traditional & Hydroponic Plant Sets for Greenhouse
Mark Gabriel Discovery High School It's About Time- ACTIVE Chemistry Curriculum
Gainley Glenn Rocky Mountain High School Spectroscopes
Lisa Gathright Spring Hill High School LabQuest Interface with Temperature, pH Probes, and Gas Sensor
Deborah Gaul South Granville High School Vernier LabQuest with software
Amy Gingell Highland High School Vernier LabQuest Handheld Data Collection Devices
Howard Glass G. Holmes Braddock Sr. High School Smartboard & LCD Projector
Carol Gregory Colonel Zadok Magruder High School Hach Handheld Water Testing Kits
Olga Gueits Lincoln-West High School Chemical Disposables and Science Fair Presentation Materials
Nicholas Guerin Wachusett Regional High School Burettes
Alice Hall Wylie High School Vernier Labquest Devices
Julie Hallwas Sunlake High School Smartboard
Brian Hancock Alma Senior High School Digital Scales
Amy Hanson East High School Vernier LabQuest with software
Alison Hapka Elkton High School Vernier Spectro Vis Spectrophotometer, Optical Fibers
Mark Hartsock Mojave High School Smartboard Projector Hardware
Brian Hatak Arapahoe High School Podcast System
Patricia Hayes Kinder High School Powerpoint Projector and Labtop Computer
Alan Hays Genoa Central High School Water Testing Equipment
Pamela Hedgpath Scotland High School Lab Equipment and Software for Periodic Trends & Thermochemistry
Brenda Herndon Keyser High School Graphing calculators
Jeneen Hill Kelly Walsh High School Centrifuges, Centrifuge Test Tubes, & Immersion Heater
Karen Hyde-Edgerly Broomfield High School Vernier Probes
Steve Hymes Evergreen High School GCMS and Remote Instrumentation for Water Quality
Jody Jallepalli Broadneck High School Laptop Computers for Environmentally-Centered Curriculum
Cary James Bangor High School Student Research Programs
Jessica Kelce Bayside High School Virtual Lab Software
Marilyn Kemp Eaglecrest High School Photoelectric Lab Equipment
Jessica King Normal Community West High School Centrifuges
Mary Knoch Rapid River High School Water Testing Equipment
Steven Kosmas Grosse Pointe North High School Chemistry Demonstrations for middle & elementary students
Patrick Koss Hortonville High School Phosphate, PhosVer 3 Rgt
Karen Ladd Nettleton High School LabPro Data Collection Interfaces with Probes & Sensors
Collene Lamonte M-TEC Alternative High School Lab Equipment
Rowlyn Landry Franklin Senior High School Field trip to Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium
Erich Landstorm Seminole Ridge Community High School Laboratory Disposables
Linda LeBard Heritage High School Clicker System
Pam Lehrman Vancouver Home Connect Hach Colorimeter and Turbidimeter
Randall Lienemann Franklin Public School Water Testing Equipment
Cheryl Litman North Brunswick Township High School Vernier UVA & UVB Probes
Tamara Littlewood Turlock High School Vernier LabQuest Data Acquisition Units
Suzette Lopez Trenton High School Lab Equipment and Software
Helena Louzonis Lunenburg High School Spectrophotometer
Chris Manor Liberty High School LCD Multimedia Projector
Susan Martelli and Peter Carafano Florida State University Schools Forensics Equipment
Fred Michels Skyview High School Biodiesel Lab Equipment
Scott Milam Lincoln Park High School Centrifuge & Spectrophotometer
Randy Milford Umatilla High School Molarity Laboratory Set
Scott Mitchell Mill Creek High School Clicker System
Linda Monroe Warren Central High School Clicker System
Ronni Morrissey Leonardtown High School Clicker System with Interwrite Pad & Turning Point
Lance Mosness Union Colony Preparatory School ChemDiscovery Textbooks w/ Web Components
Wynn Mott Woody Gap School Hach Surface Water Test Kit, Newsletter/ DVD, and pH Sensors
Connie Nash Lake Orion High School Smartboard and Projector
Jennifer Neal Paradise Valley High School Clicker System
Tammie Niffenegger Port Washington High School Biodiesel Lab Equipment
Matt Nigro Rocky Mountain High School Spectrophotometers
Debra Noble Pinedale High School Biodiesel Lab Equipment
Anna Noble Denver East High School Vernier LabQuest with software
Marie Paul Wheaton High School Logger Pro Software
Theresa Paulsen Mellen High School Podcast System for Lessons
Benjamin Perodeau University High School Vernier Data Collection Tools
Chanda Peters Woodward High School Conductivity & Temperature Probes, Gas Pressure Sensors
Glenn Peterson Windsor High School Smartboard
Brad Phelps Ben Davis High School Lab Equipment
Ashley Pollard Hi-Plains High School Lab Equipment
Sharon Price White Hall High School Prizes for chemistry education awards
Renee Racette Central Visual & Performing Arts High School Lab Equipment for A.P. chemistry
David Rauls Horatio High School Colorimeter, Reagents, & Sampling Supplies
Randy Reese Potosi R-3 High School Electronic Balances
Shelia Reichard Greenville High School Vernier LabQuests with Temperature and pH Probes
Peter Remyn Palm Bay High School Virtual Lab Software
Leslie Rhinhart Chase High School Vernier Probes
Michelle Rhodes Karns City High School Software & Probes
Tink Richardson Estrella Foothills High School Milligram Balance
James Rinella Big Walnut High School Tablet PC & LCD Projector
Travis Rink Goddard High School Vernier LabQuest with software
Michael Robinson South High School Lab Equipment for Special Education Students
Edwin Rufle Stafford High School Summer science Institute for Underprivileged Students
Larry Russel Montezuma-Cortez High School Disposables for Hach DR 2800
Riley Sain Clinton High School Water Testing Equipment
JoAnn Scheidt Helias High School Scientific Calculators
Blake Schmidt Lemon Bay High School Modeling chemistry manuals and CD-ROM
Mary Sennett Northwest Rankin High School Materials for Labs in the Community
Kevin Shaw Watauga High School Vernier Microphones, Dual Force Sensors, & Light Sensors
Angela Sheddan Prophetstown High School GFP Chromotography Kit, UV lamp, and Micropipettes
Edward Simmons SCCTS Alum/ Bonneville High School Acculab Precision Balance, Corning Hot plates, & Stirrers
Sukdev Singh Ganesha High School Clicker System
R. Singh BioScience High School Computer and Vernier Colorimeter
Michael Smith Big Walnut High School DR/ 850 Colorimetry Field Kits
Rosemarie Smith Waterville Senior High School Spectrophotometer
Richard Smith Buena High School Equipment & Transporation for "Science Open House"
James Sparks Mattoon High School Water Testing Equipment
Penny Squires Pisgah High School Video and Computer equipment for Chemistry Commercials
Ann-Marie Stafford Marana High School Vernier Probe ware and Laboratory Equipment
Jennifer Hopkins School Spectrophotometer and Spectroscopes
Teresa Steward Reid Ross Classical School Small Scale Chemistry Lab Equipment
Eric Swanson Bishop Foley Catholic High School Lab Equipment, Air Exchange, & Fume Hood
Rebecca Talik Carrollton High School Hach Aquatic Ecology Test Kits
Temy Taylor Ganesha High School Clicker System
Thomas Thompson Galva High School ELMO TT-02S Teachers Tool Projection System
Elli Toskey Bendle High School Scientific Calculators
Anthony Turner Clinton High School Pasport Explorer GLX and NASCO Hot Plates
Joyce Tuten Fredrick High School Small Scale Chemistry Lab Equipment
Jeff Ungerer Fairbanks High School Distillation Glassware
Brian Oxford Area High School Chemical Disposables
Kristen VanderVeen The Bromfield School Podcast System
Peter von Werder West Lafayette High School SpectroVis Spectrophotometer and Optical Fibers
Randy Walters Polaris Expeditionary Learning School Basic Lab Equipment
Bruce Wellman Lawrence High School Vernier Spectrometer
Jason Wenham White River High School Hot plates/ magnetic stirrers
Alison Wierzbicki Mukwanago High School Clicker System
Mary Willard Grandview High School Podcast System
Elizabeth Williams Brownsburg High School Scientific Calculators
Dean Wilson South Lamar School ALEKS Chemistry Subscriptions
Vicki Wilson Bristow High School Vernier Laquest Interfaces, Temperature Probes, & Logger Lite Software
Gary Wood Cascade High School Lab Supplies for AP chemistry
Doug Yenney Dayton High School Computer Data Collection Probes
David Ziegler Rifle High School Biodiesel Lab Equipment