ACS-Hach Classroom Grant Past Recipients


Congratulations to the 2010-2011 recipients of the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant!

Recipient School Project Name
Rachel Aazzerah Monument School District 8 Monument Spectrophotometer
Mahesh Alur Lake View High School Probing the Importance of Chemistry
Robert Ayton Dunnellon High School Vernier Technology Program
Doug Balmer Warwick High School Nuclear Radiation: Alpha Beta Shielding and Half-Life
Michael Benjamin Roger Bacon High School Polymer/Materials Chemistry
Amber Bishop Loretto High School Loretto High School Inquiry Grant
Josephine Blaha Holmdel High School Biodiesel in the High School Laboratory
Karen Blakeslee Masconomet Regional High School Using Spectroscopy to Investigate Chemical Kinetics and Other Concepts
Sherri Blassingame Newcastle School Digital Balances Proposal
Karen Blevins Lebanon High School Spectroscopy with Technology
Bonnie Bloom Hilliard Davidson High School Using JCE Web Software to increase student achievement
Steven Bockhold Visitation Academy Spectroscopy Across Disciplines
Katie Boiteau Prospect Hill Academy Public Charter School Classroom Technology - SmartPen and a Class Set of Calculators
Tiffany Booth Warren Easton Charter High School Electronic Chemistry Portfolio
Kara Boyle Downers Grove South High School Interactive Paperless Textbook
Jeffrey Bracken Westerville North High School Increasing Achievement in AP Chemistry with Technology
Theresa Burnett Grandview High School Clickers in Chemistry
Sarah Coddington Olathe East High School Chemistry Conundrums
Angela Codron Normal West High School Lab Quests
Cindy Cole Hudson High School Cool Chemical Demos
Randy Cook Tri County High School pH in Real Time
Robin Courtney Cedar Ridge High School Clicking & Critical Thinking
Phil Culcasi Wheaton Warrenville South High School Expanding Colorimetry Across the Curriculum
Kait Cumsille Roy J. Wasson High School Inspiring Students to Experience Science!
Dwight Daugherty Cabot High School Student Engagement Through Averpens
Abigail Davalos Texas City High School SCIENCE - See Chemistry In ElemeNtary Children's Eyes
Holly Denton Belleview High School Chemical Contaminants in Well and Surface Water
Sheila Devine Santa Maria High School Modeling Chemistry
Edmund Escudero Summit Country Day School Foundry In a Box
Jennifer Evans Cape Fear High School Classroom Performance System
James Every Frontier Academy Secondary Increasing Engagement and Achievement
John Fennell Eaglecrest High School 2nd Generation POGIL
Pamela Frey Estes Park High School Fun with Gas Laws
Sam Fung Homestead High School Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology
Deborah Gaul South Granville High School Monitoring Our Local Water Resources
Irene Gerdeman St. Francis Catholic High School Data-Collection Technology for Chemistry
Casey Gillett Long Beach Polytechnic High School Stirring Plate Proposal
Karen Gottsch Cambridge High School Chem/Ag Partnership for Modern Farming
Kelly Grier Cleveland Early College High School Just Click It!
Eric Grunden Raleigh Charter High School From Ocean Floor to Lab Bench: A Study of an Archaeal Enzyme
Laura Hendrix Dawson County High School LabQuest
Jeffrey Hepburn Central Academy Magnet School 21st Century Laboratory Investigations
Nori Hepler Mt. Carmel High School Laboratory Equipment: Spark Modules and Sensors
Sandy Hightower Century High School Chemistry Teacher Grant
Elizabeth Hill Edisto High School Chemistry WOW!
Mary Janek Campbell Memorial High School Show Me the Plastic!
Lee Jones Dallas High School WebAssign for AP
Shannon Kane Oceanside High School Gas Laws: Transforming the Theoretical into the Experiential
Ryan Kanter Crescent Valley High School Student Response Units (Clickers) for In-Class Assessment
Jo King Randall High School Vernier pH Sensors Elmo Buchers
John Lavoie Mehlville High School Clickers for Chemistry - Mehlville HS
Matt LeaTrea Montague High School Nuclear Chem
Kelly Lehnert Shell Lake High School Vernier Lab Equipment for Shell Lake High
Bridget Lindner Warroad High School Chemistry Room Update
Brian Liskey Oley Valley High School Watts Up With Our Energy?
Cheryl Litman North Brunswick Township High School Modeling Chemistry Workshop
Maria Judith Lladoc Luther Burbank High School Teaching Chemistry for English Language Learners
James Lowe Shiprock High School Expanding the Scientific Mind
Al Mallory Nanakuli High & Intermediate School ACS-Hack Chemistry Grant
Chris Manor Liberty High School Real Chemistry
Evan Manuel Blue Springs High School Laptops for The Lab
Scott Milam Lincoln Park High School Silver Nanoparticle Lab
Heather Mora Arroyo Grande High School Modeling Chemistry
Jyoti More George Washington High School Studying organic compounds using Vernier Mini GC
Jamie Morrison Oak Grove High School Emission Spectroscopy
Curtis Musser Viewpoint School Organic Synthesis in High School
Laura Nemetz MMI Preparatory School Improving Chemistry Education and Retention
Jamie Nichols Elgin Academy Vernier Equipment for the Chemistry Classroom
Margaret Nour Bainbridge High School Environmental Chemistry
Kenneth OKonis South Windsor High School Air Quality Monitoring of Greater Hartford, CT
Sara Plante Roanoke Catholic School RCS Chemistry
Jill Printzenhoff Lititz Christian School Visual Learning
Joel Richert Jennings High School Spectrophotometer Grant Proposal for JHS
Patricia Schaefer Mineral Point High School Teaching Chemistry with Spectrophotometers
Robert Schoch Gilroy High School Allowing Students to Excel
Zach Seifert Vanguard College Preparatory School Vanguard College Prep Chemistry Grant Proposal - New Balances
Steve Smith Roanoke Valley Governor's School The Heat Is On
Molly Smith Cardozo High School Technology to Cardozo Chemistry
Bill Swan Blue Mountain Going Green
Rebecca Talik Carrollton High School Probeware in the Chemistry Classroom
Ingrid Taylor Great Oak High School Interactive Response and Immediate Feedback
Gary Thayer Oak Harbor High School Relavent Chemistry Labs with Analytical Chemistry
John Thurmond Plainfield North High School Plainfield North High School Proposal for Vernier Labquest Equipment
Kathryn Voehl Woodbridge Senior High School Data Collection Technology by Student Request
Gregory Wallace Marist High School Mini Gas Chromatograph
Martin Weese Carson City-Crystal Area Schools CCC Chemistry Proposal
Bruce Wellman Olathe Northwest High School Tensile Testing for Building Conceptual Models of Metals and Alloys
Nora Wolthers Cheatham County Central High School CCCHS Lab Grant