ACS-Hach Classroom Grant Past Recipients


Congratulations to the 2011-2012 recipients of the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant!

Recipient School Project Name
Casey Akin A&M Consolidated High School A Model for Success
Stephanie Ballard Campbellsport High School Clickers to Improve Chemistry Teaching and Learning
Kimberly Baran Tivy High School Science Research
Elizabeth Beckham South Aiken High School Quest for Technology
Laura Bell Stockbridge High School Doing the Flip to Ensure All Students Become Learners
Angie Boston Welch Jr./Sr. High Improving Scientific Data Collection
Ryan Bowman Humboldt High School Visible Spectroscopy in High School Chemistry
Shannon Bunch University High School LabQuest in Chemistry
Susan Catlett Riverbend High School Sound Amplification System
Joan Christen Beatrice High School C.H.E.M. (Conducting High-tech Environmental Monitoring)
Cindy Cole Hudson High School Death and Chemistry
Connie Conner Reeves High School Quest for Real-Life Science Connections
Heather Costa Thomas Jefferson High School Magic Probes
Catherine Cresson Louise S. McGehee School Improving Student Retention & Application of Chemistry Concepts
Laura Cummings Charles A. Tindley Accelerated School Tindley Science Proposal
Barbara Decuir LSU Laboratory School Sensor Science
Gregory Ditch Ceasr Chavez High School State of The Art Scales For A State of The Art Lab
Alayna Duren Armorel High School Are there such things as cheap, inquiry-based chemistry labs??
Hollie Fox Thomas Jefferson High School Relating Energy to Chemistry
Carlyn Fryberger Ephrata High School Microstereo Lithography
Brenda Gelinas Downingtown East High School Mastering Chemistry
Irene Gerdeman St. Francis Catholic High Schol Chemistry Lab Data-Collection Technology
Bryna Goeckner Torah Academy of Milwaukee Bringing the Classroom into the 21st Century
Alicia Gonzalez Palm Springs High School Colorimeters in high school chemistry
Lauren Good Pineville High School Chemistry with Computers
Kathlyn Graham North Forsyth High School Real World Chemistry for All Ages
Jaimie Graham Ontario High School Closing the Achievement Gap and Increasing Student Success through Hands on Laboratory Investigation Program Development
Greg Gulledge Rockford Christian Schools Rockford Christian WebAssign Project
Stephen Hall Hamady Middle/High School Safety is #1
Doris Hamilton Seven Lakes High School The Spectrum of AP Chemistry
Susan Hanifl Enterprise High School Integration of Chemistry with Advanced Math
Alison Hapka Elkton High School Melting Point Apparatuses
Sheri Harris Arlington High School The Chemistry Connection
Beth Hopkins David Crockett High School Determination of Chlorophyll-a in Local Tree Species
Sean Howard Columbia High School Classroom Technology
Christopher Hynes Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts Investigation of Nuclear Radiation
Margaret Jensen Highland High School 21st Century Science
Lee Jones Dallas High School Flipping Chemistry
Leslie Kalmer Valencia High School Easy as 1, 2, Click!
Shannon Kane Oceanside Senior High School An Old-Fashioned Approach to the Atom and a New Look at the Periodic Table
Kevin Keltner Eastern High School Making it Click with iClickers
Sheena Kindt Elizabethtown Area High School Basic Supplies for a New Chemistry Classroom
Eric Knispel John Burroughs School There are Apps for that Chemistry Lesson
Branton Lachman Eleanor Roosevelt High School Flipped Classroom
Jake Madara Bucks County Technical High School Going Green
Al Mallory Nanakuli High & Intermediate School ACS-Hach Chemistry Grant 2
Sangita Mathur Baton Rouge Magnet High School AP Lab Experience Enhancement
Mike Meyer Herndon High School Herndon High School Combo Water Meters
Barry Meyer Denver Christian High School South Platte River Testing
Kevin Mialky Dansville High School Here Comes the Sun: The Chemistry of Solar Energy
Jean Mihelcic Conestoga High School Molecular Gastronomy
Sally Mitchell East Syracuse Minoa High School Introduction to Visible Spectroscopy
Ryan Miwa Ponderosa High School Vernier Probes
Whitman Mounger Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences analysis of water quality by spectrophotometry
James Musil Huron Public Schools Electronic Balances
Jamie Nichols Elgin Academy Vernier Probes for the Chemistry Classroom
Steven Peppers Spotsylvania High School Incorporation TI-Nspire calculators in chemistry class
Heather Pereira Amador Valley High School Quantitative Chemistry is Cool!
Laura Petro MMI Preparatory School Stirring up a Heated Love of Chemistry
Carol Pleninger Havre High School Light, Color, and Spectroscopy in a High School Chemistry Class
David Pollock Cedarburg High School Melting Point Apparatus
Christopher Powers Faith Christian Academy River Science Across the Curriculum
Eleonore Pulley Frank Hughes School Bring On The Sun
Cynthia Rogers Olney Friends School Environmental "Green" Chemistry
Benjamin Scott West Ranch High School Demonstrations for All
Joseph Sencen Norwalk High School Doing Chemistry Without Hearing Anything
Geraldine Simon Damien Memorial School Damien Chemistry
Diana Simpson Seton Catholic Central High School Smart Response System for Review
Tim Say University High School Alternative Energy!
Laura Solaris West Ranch High School Hands-on Inquiry improves student learning
Joseph Spicer Wood grove High School Activotes Effect on Formal Assessment in the Chemistry Classroom
Heather Swanson Austin Peace Academy Shifting the school towards hands-on science
Michael Sweet Joe E. Newsome High School Soap Manufacture
Ray Tedder Paul M Dorman High School Teaching High School Students to Think Like a Research Chemist
John Terhune Sheridan High School Sheridan HS Chemistry Grant
Shannon Wachowski Weld Central High School The Flipped Classroom
Amanda Wagner Kearny High School Digital Chemistry for the Digital Generation
Cynthia Wall Broad Run High School Qualitative Analysis Project
Meridth Walls Kirby High School Chemistry 2011 - 2011 School Year
Sara Walter Rampart High School Chemistry Podcasts
Emily Waters Perry County High School Value-Added Chemistry Education for Perry County
Jennifer West Paloma Valley High School Going High-Tech with Vernier LabQuest
Shea Wickelson Salt Lake Center for Science Education Culinary Chemistry
Mary Gail Yeates Denham Springs High School Organic Objective
Meg Young Lamar High School Chemistry: It's a Gas
Amanda Zullo Saranac Lake High School Data Collection Technology for Rural Northern New York