ACS-Hach Classroom Grant Past Recipients


Congratulations to the 2012-2013 recipients of the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant!

Recipient School Project Name
Inez Archuleta Albuquerque Academy of Trades and Technology Consumer Chemistry
Rebecca Austin-Datta Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School of the Medical Arts 'Living by Chemistry' Instructional Materials
Paul Baldwin Laurinburg Institute Modeling Chemistry 2012 and Beyond
Raymond Bangs Roselle Park High School Real-Time Data Acquisition Using Vernier LabQuest 2, an iPad 3 and Melt Station
Melissa Baylor Big Sandy School Chemistry - Students Out of Their Seat and On Their Feet!
Laura Bell Stockbridge High School Chemistry Mastery for All Students
Nicole Bell Calvin Coolidge Senior High School Molecular Models For Improved Learning and Connections
David Black Walden School of Liberal Arts Superfund Remediation Assessment: Soil Analysis of the Tintic Mining District
James Blake Lincoln North Star High School Engaging Classroom Discussion and Decreasing Transition Time with a Document Camera
Randy Booth Itineris Early College High School Instrumentation for Open Inquiry In Chemistry
Allison Bouwman McNeil High School McNeil High School ACS-Hach Grant Application
Lillian Brophy Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts Tuacahn High School
David Bruner Colton High School Project "ESETI" (Engaging Student Excitement Through Investigations)
Nikki Burnett Baldwin High School Kansas Chemistry
Walter Burrough Del Valle Opportunity Center Vernier Probes For the Opportunity Center
Christine Cannell Canfield High School Data Collection Technology for AP Chemistry
Brian Cartiff Johnston County Middle College High School Active Science Investigations
Sarah Castillo North Shore Senior High School Lab Supplies for Chemistry End of Course
William Chadwell Campbell County High School Demonstrations and Durable Manipulatives
Thomas Chambers Henderson County High School All Students On Task With CPS
Sara Chapman Edwardsville High School Incorporating a Melting Point Apparatus Into the High School Chemistry Lab
Joan Christen Beatrice High School C.H.E.M. II (Continuing Hightech Environmental Monitoring)
Linda Colman Cuero High School 21st Century Chemistry Classroom
Greg Cooper Lincoln Southwest High School Student Response System
Josh Cooper Caldwell Early College High School Chemistry for Career and College Readiness
Brian Corbett Southside High School Mobile Technology Cart
Kevin Cram Lake View High School Lake View High School Spectroscopy Initiative
Lucille D'Amico Melbourne High School Chemistry Sensor Instrumentation Proposal
Scott Diamond The Learning Center at Linlee, Fayette County Public Schools, and the University of Kentucky, College of Medicine Materials for Authentic Chemistry Research
Chanel Douglas P.D. Jackson-Olin High School Providing Graphing Calculators for Underprivileged and Under-represented Advanced Placement Chemistry Students
John Egana Gulf Coast High School The Particle Nature of Matter
Sharon Elliott Albuquerque High School Making Chemistry Relevant and Accessible
Avraham Engelson Yeshiva Rabbi Samson R. Hirsch Improving Student Excitement Through the Use of 21st Century Technology in Science Education
Catherine Ermann Darien High School Improving Student Understanding of Inter-related Chemistry Topics Using Real-World, Problem-Based Inquiry in Laboratory
Jennifer Evans Cape Fear High School SPARK Science Learning System
Toni Evans River Valley High School Using Classroom Response Systems to Enhance Chemistry Core Curriculum
Stephanie Everett Juniata High School Technology Integration with Chemistry Probeware
Mark Fairbank Paso Robles High School Chemistry Laboratory Manual
Kate Galligan Theodore Roosevelt High School "Probing" Your Way Through Chemistry!
Timothy Gay Boston Latin School Connecting Field Studies to the Classroom
Brenda Gelinas Downingtown East High School Document Camera for Chemistry Classrooms
Christiana Georgarakis Strasburg High School Equipment for Basic Lab Techniques and Identification of Equipment
Kathleen Gosciniak Cabrini High School Electronic Balance Station
Kerwin Greenaway Gar-Field Senior High School Broadening Access to Technology
David Hamman Medina High School Medina's Chemistry Flipped Upside-Down and Inside-Out
Tyson Harty Jasper County High School The Chemistry of Alternative Energy
Sandy Hightower Century High School Probing for Inquiry-Based Labs
Nusret Hisim Walkersville High School Investigating Properties and Purity Using Melting Point
Sandra Howard Decatur Heritage Christian Academy Equipping for Learning
Gordon Hubbard Peekskill City School District Hands-On Spectroscopy
Jennifer Keil Skyline High School A "Weighty" Problem for Skyline High School: Chemistry Hangs in the Balance
Casey Keller Clear Lake Jr/Sr High School Clear Lake Technology Proposal
Diana Kennen Rockdale Magnet School for Science and Technology Improving Data Collection in the Chemistry Lab
Branton Lachman Santiago High School Implementing a Flipped Chemistry/Mastery Model for Regular, Honors and Advanced Placement Students
Wilkin Lee Lennox Math Science Technology Academy Grant Proposal for Laboratory Equipment
Megan Lee Gar-Field High School Broadening Access to Technology
Maureen Lemon Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School Learner Response System
Jake Madara Bucks County Technical High School Project "Going Green" Completion
Carolyn Martin Negreet High School Distillation - It's All About Purity!
Marilyn Martinez-Bright Mountain View High School Chemistry Scents
Vincent Mathews Hot Springs High School Request for Equipment to Teach Gas Laws
Raphael Matty Newburyport High School Lets App Up This Chemistry Lesson
Donna McCarthy University Laboratory School Furthering Education of Chemistry for Students
Catherine McCluskey Kettle Run High School Antacids: Which Brand is Best?
Jean Mihelcic Conestoga High School Molecular Gastronomy Year 2
Hanan Mogawer The Prout School Instructional Materials for AP and Honors Chemistry Class
Anne Mooring Warhill High School Warhill Spectrophotometers
Tyler Nash Coronado High School High Quality Instructional Podcasts
Holly Neill Life Christian School Impact of Nitrogen Related Pollution on Air and Water Quality
Richard Niro Southington High School Encouraging Critical Thinking through Technology-Based Data Analysis
Lori Pedretti Prescott High School Improving Laboratory Technology
Petra Pershall Flippin High School Flippin High School Scientific Investigations (FHS SI)
Anne Petersen Gloucester High School Integrating Problem Solving in the Chemistry Classroom
Rosemarie Pittenger John P Stevens High School JP Stevens Chemistry Lab
Kathleen Pollock Cedarburg High School Polarimeters in the Advanced Chemistry Classroom
Chris Racine Burncoat High School Vernier for Everyone!
Joshua Rackers Maryland Academy of Technology and Health Sciences Molecular Models
Jayanthi Ramaswamy Bogota Jr/Sr High School Vernier Lab Quest and probes
Kim Richardson North Canyon High School Teacher
Cheryll Roberts Poca High School Poca Dots Chemistry Laboratory
Amy Roediger Mentor High School Making a Game of Atomic Modeling
Hannah Rogers Fabius-Pompey High School Rogers ACS-Hach Grant Proposal
Matthew Ryan Coronado High School Apps for AP Chemistry
Marcelle Savoy Pigeon Forge High School Using Data-Collection Technology to Improve Understanding of Chemistry Concepts
Patricia Schaefer Madison East High School Nuclear Chemistry Investigations
Jay Schaub Gainesville High School Gainesville High School Electronic Balances
Candace Schneggenburger Palmyra-Macedon High School Experimental Design using Technology
Ryan Schoenborn Coopersville High School Technology for Inquiry
Arista Scott Sylacauga High School Accuracy and Precision in Measurement
Michael Simurdiak Park High School Glassware for Distillation Experiments
Bryon Stump Jefferson High School Spectrophotometers for Inquiry
Carol Stutzman Western Albemarle High School Organic Chemistry Lab Equipment
Eric Sullenberger Russia Local School LAB- Let AP Begin
Lisa Sunshine Early/Middle College at GTCC Jamestown Chemistry is the World Around Us
Tushar Sura Wilde Lake High School Technology in Chemistry Differentiated Instructions
Bill Swan Blue Mountain High School Inquiry Based Learning - Student Centered
Jennifer Thomas Asheville High School Chemistry Special Topics Lab Supplies
Roy Ting James Logan High School Chemistry Lab Equipment Upgrade
Nicole Watts Russellville High School Russellville High School Equipment
Jennifer West Paloma Valley High School Going High Tech With Vernier - Phase 2
Jonathan Williams West Salem High School Analytical Chemistry in the Classroom
Adam Wilson Central High School Chem With Clickers
Meagan Wyatt Marceline High School pHun in Chemistry
Jessica Wysopal Hampshire High School Hot Plates or Bust!
Steven Young North Clarion School District Hands-On Experiments in Spectrometry