ACS-Hach Classroom Grant Past Recipients


Congratulations to the 2015-2016 recipients of the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant!

Recipient School Project Name
David Allan  Laboratory Instrumentation Starter Set Saginaw Arts & Sciences Academy
Ayten Ay  Hands on Spectroscopy at High School  Syracuse Academy of Science Charter School
Robert Ayton Jr. Vernier Chemistry Program Redeemer Christian School
Liza Basden  Visualizing Chemistry with Lab Sensor Technology Highland High School
Wanda Battaglia  Water Quality in Boone Co. PBL Experience Randall K. Cooper High School
Kristen  Bechtel  SpectroVis Plus Gettysburg Area High School
Laura Bell Big-Ticket Items Can Make a Big Difference Stockbridge High School
David Benedetto  Investigating Electrochemical Properties of Materials Winchester High School
Cynthia Benson  SPARK to Spark Chemistry! Hastings High School
Jennifer Berry  Chemistry Lab Supplies and Chemicals Toledo High School
Cindy Binnie  Digital Balances and Multimeters for Arlington High School Arlington High School
Heather Bonner Ph.D. A Classroom for the 21st Century Learner Ritenour High School
Lacy Buck  Mastery Base Blended Classroom Plymouth High School
David Burmester  Grant High School Electrochemistry Unit Ulysses S. Grant High School
Elizabeth Burns  Using Technology to Model Bonding and Solutions Fairport High School
Bradley Capra  Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for Direct Instruction, Tutorials, and Virtual Chem Labs Liberty High School
Hortensia Casas  A Series of Discrepant Events Hialeah Gardens Senior High School
Joan Christen  C.H.E.M. Continuing High-tech Environmental Monitoring III Beatrice High School
Patricia Clark  Using Sensors to Improve Data Collection and Analysis Steinert High School - East
John Clark  Getting a students hands on chemistry Deltona High School
Yvonne Coogan  College Chemistry in High School Garden City High School
Abigail Cook  Accurate Electronic Balances Wade Hampton High School
William Cunningham  Gas Chromatograph for AP Students Claudia Taylor Johnson High School
Jose Delgado Jr. Experiencing Chemistry - A Proposal for Chemistry Demonstration Equipment H. Grady Spruce High School
Julia Dodd  Digital Balances  Darlington School
Thomas Flanagan  Gonzaga Prep Vernier Gas Chromatograph Gonzaga Prep School
Debra Freitag  Chemistry Upgrade Hillsboro High School
Erin Frye  Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women (BLSYW): PASPORT for Chemistry Success Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women
Mary Albert Gasparski O.P., Ph.D. Building an Inquiry Driven Chemistry Lab Component for College Level and Advanced Chemistry Courses at Frassati Catholic High School North Houston Catholic High School (dba Frassati Catholic High School)
Charles Gear  Milligram Balance for Elkins High School Elkins High School
Patrick Gibbons  Lab Apparatus Upgrades Doane Academy
Sharyl Gregerson  Attending the ChemEd2015 Conference for Exceptional Professional Development Lake High School
John Hall  Updating High School Chemistry to the 21st Century Lecanto High School
Jason Hall  Classroom Calculators  Hamilton County Senior High School 
Tina Hendrickson  Use of Molecular Models to Teach Multiple Concepts in the Chemistry Classroom Mount St Mary Academy
Daniel Hildreth  Next Generation Nuclear Chemistry South Park High School
Mary Hillebrand  Flipping for Hands-On with Technology Calvary Baptist Academy
Christian Howton  Improving Technology in the Science Laboratory Portsmouth Christian Schools
Meagan Hughes  Using Portable Interface Systems to Promote Green Chemistry and Student Research Niskayuna High School
Christine Humphrey  Teaching Chemistry with Vernier Heritage Christian Academy
tori joyce  Chemical Safety for Beginners Rock Springs Christian Academy
Jennifer Kalish  Flipping advanced chemistry classrooms into the 21st Century Park Vista Community High School
Tanya Katovich  Electrostatic Attractions Between Particles NGSS Lab Design Hoffman Estates High School
Richard Keene  LQHS Collaborative Community Garden Project La Quinta High School
Ginger  Keeton  Big Possibilities with Hands-on Chemistry of Solids Dixon High School
Pamela Kraus  Using Electronic Data Collection (Vernier probes) in Chemistry Labs St. John's Military School
Rochelle Kreider  Cosmetic Chemistry St. Maries High School
Colleen Lay  Expanding Chemistry Opportunities at Indiana Academy Indiana Academy
Andrea Leech  AP Chemistry for Diverse Underserved Urban Students Using Inquiry Lab Materials  Benson Polytechnic High School
Andrew Lesser  Equipment for Food Chemistry Class Ithaca High School
Steven Long  Aqua Luna: Moon Jellyfish Chemistry Rogers High School
Kharma Lundy M.S., M.Ed The Language of Chemistry Bushwick Leaders' High School of Academic Excellence
Jonathan Marbach  Enhancing Student Laboratory Experience Through Technology Trenton Catholic Academy
Michelle Mason  NSTA National Conference 2016 Portage Northern High School
Kathryn Melnick  Technology for Graphing Lonoke High School
Cody Miller  Midland Chemistry Department  Midland High School
Karen Mitchell  Data Collection Interfaces and Probeware for High School Chemistry Laconia Christian Academy
James Morris  Biochemsitry and Protein Analysis Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
Kammas Murphy  Updating Chemistry Equipment St. Elizabeth High School
Jennifer Nyquist  Ice maker Masuk High School
Justin Orlando  Proper Prior Preparation: Improving First Response To Chemical Accidents St. Louis Priory School
Amber Palomares-Gurrola  Let's Build a Chem Lab Parlier High School
Ashley Peer  Equipment for solution chemistry  Volunteer High School
Conrad Peterson  SpecFunding1 Robert McQueen High School
Karen Pompeo  ECHS Lab Technology Grant East Coweta High School
Tiska Rodgers  Dexter Chemistry Lab Equipment Dexter High School
Tara Rogers  The Chemistry of Handcrafted Soap Westerville North High School
Sara Schultz  Imagine Chemistry Imagine Prep Surprise 
Laura Slocum  LabQuest Mini's and Probes for Chemistry Heathwood Hall Episcopal School
Steve Smith  Cellulosic Ethanol Optimization: A Exploration of Renewable Energy and the Design Process Animas High School
Sharon Smith  Laboratory Technology Additions Beth Jacob High School, a division of Yeshivath Beth Yehudah
Elizabeth Smith  Stirring Things Up in Chemistry Harrah High School
Carl Soderlund  Magnetic Stirrers Earlham Senior High School
Cherie Speer  Innovative Chemistry and 3D printing Abilene Wylie High School
James Stewart  King High School Lab Rehab C. Leon King High School
Margaret Strowe  Digital balances for a digital world Morris Catholic High School
Glenn Sullivan  Project Impact: Increasing Motivation, Participation, and Academics with Curricular Technology Plain Dealing High School
Molly Sultany  When Nanotechnology Meets Environmental Chemistry: Utilizing Digital Probes to Investigate Stream Water Health in Relation to Diatom Abundance Northwest Academy 
Will Swain  Student Research Collaboration with an Organic Chemistry Professor Morton High School
Rebecca Talik  Understanding Chemistry through experimentation and demonstration. Carrollton High School
Orla Thomas  STEM Program Technology Northgate High School
Husan Thompson  Classification of Chemical Reactions Johnson High School
Jane Thompson  Chemistry in the 21st Century Gulfport High School
Sharon Trova  Electronic Balances for Small Scale, Green Chemistry Labs Amsterdam High School
Tess Tvrdy  STEM the Girl Gap in Chemistry St. Vincent's Academy
Paul Vigeant  AP Chemistry Textbooks Billerica Memorial High School
Edwin Villhauer  Spectrovis Plus Spectrophotometer Morristown High School
Jennifer Wensink  Incorporating Sensor Technology into Chemical Education at Edison High School Edison High School
Rebecca White  Technology in the Chemistry Laboratory Alfred M. Barbe High School  
Rosemary White  Purchase of pH Sensors for Enhancement of Student Laboratory Learning Boston University Academy