ACS-Hach Classroom Grant Past Recipients


Congratulations to the 2016-2017 recipients of the ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Classroom Grant!

Recipient School Project Name
Michael Aaron Sage International School of Boise Finally setting up a chemistry lab in our K-12 International Baccalaureate School 
Andrew Adams Douglas County High School IB Chemistry Lab Equipment and Supplies
Mary Antoni Lansdale Catholic High School Chemistry Probes
Karen Ares Shepherd Hill Regional High School Using Liquid Nitrogen to Demonstrate MA STEM Standards
Raymond Bangs Roselle Park High School Developing chemical research skills and methodologies via water quality investigations
Rosalie Barber John Paul Stevens High School Stevens chemistry students balancing life.
Joy Barnes-Johnson Princeton High School Differentiated In-STRUCTURE
Anna Barrasso Worcester Technical High School Lab Equipment for AP Chemistry
Liza Basden Highland High School Visualizing Chemistry with Lab Sensor Technology - Year 2
Theresa Bennin Irvington High School ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Grant Proposal for Laboratory Equipment and/or Supplies
Josephine Blaha Holmdel High School The Wireless Spectrophotometer in the Holmdel High School Chemistry Laboratories
Kathleen Boerigter Los Alamos High School Lab Probes for Chemistry Labs
Brian Boone Fairless High School Spectroscopy Lab Opportunities for High School Chemistry Students:  S.P.E.C.20 (Students imProved Education on Concentration by 20%)
Patrick Boylan Round Rock High School The Element of Success
Jeffrey Bracken Westerville North High School The Chemistry of Handcrafted Soap
Benjamin Brooks Magruder High School Stir plates for AP Chemistry curriculum
Christopher Bryan Bishop Seabury Academy Advanced Chemistry Course Lab Equipment
Gordon Burnett North High School in Worcester Continual Development  of North High Lab and Demo Programs
Anthony Carpenter Valley High School Acid-Base Titrations
Pete Carpico Louisville High School Increasing Awareness and Understanding of Renewable Energy in the Chemistry Classroom
Mary Coogan Liberty North High School LabQuest Mini's for Chemistry
Laneetra Cooper Greenwood High School ACS-HACH High School Chemistry Grant Proposal 
Michael Cumberledge Cross Lanes Christian School  Digital Balances to Promote and Enhance Student Laboratory Experience
Dwight Daugherty Cabot High School STEM resources promote STEM education
Myrelis  Diaz  Centro Residencial de Oportunidades Educativas de Ceiba (CROEC) ACS Hatch HS Chemistry Grant CROEC School
John Etu Whitehall Central School Safety for Student Scientists
Jamie Flint Spring Woods High School BCCE 2016 and CAST Conferences
Jonathon Foreman Marion-Franklin High School Exploring Energy Storage for Solar/Wind Installations
Laura Francisco Caravel Academy Proposal for Water Kits
Brandie Freeman Woodland High School  "Water" We Doing in Class Today? Using 3-D Water Molecules in Chemistry
Terry Gatchell Evanston Township High School Teaching Electrochemistry through Exploration Stations and Design Challenges
Hillary Gawne Laurel High School Chemistry Lab Supplies
Renee Gilson Clinton High School Gas Laws & Weather Balloons
Stephanie Gordon KIPP Montbello Collegiate High School KIPP Montbello Collegiate High School Chemistry Proposal
Lyndsay Grasman Kensington Woods Schools Laboratory Equipment and Supplies for Kensington Woods Chemistry Class
Candice Groves The SAE School Building a PBL lab for exploring the building blocks of biology:  chemistry.  
Jon Hanson San Miguel High School  Chemistry Expansion: Engaging Low-Income Students in Chemistry through Hands-On Technologies
Alison Hapka Elkton High School Exploring the Spectral Signatures of Gases in Chemistry
Casey Harris Republic High School A 21st Century Chemistry Lab
Lynn Isbell Canton High School Hach High School Chemistry Grant Proposal Laboratory Equipment and/or Supplies
Arnita Johnson Douglas County High School Advance Topics Chemistry-2 
Tanya Katovich Hoffman Estates High School Electrostatic Attractions Between Particles NGSS Lab Design
Ginger  Keeton Dixon High School Lab Safety Comes First
Kiel Kietlinski East Austin College Prep Academy Promoting Hands on Kinesthetic Learning in the Chemistry Classroom
Pamela Kraus St. John's Military School Going Further with Electronic Data Collection (Vernier LabQuest2 and sensors) in Chemistry Labs
Abbe Kya Centennial High School Effects of Air Pollution on Drinking Water and Natural Habitats
Danielle Ladd Early College of Arvada Advanced Chemistry Laboratory Supplies
John Lash Randolph Southern Jr/Sr High School AP chemistry start up
Jen Lee Woodbury Junior-Senior High School Argument-Driven Inquiry in Chemistry
Lope Arsenio Macasaet Piedmont Hills High School Wi-Chem : Wireless Data Collection in the Chemistry Laboratory
Megan Martins McMinnville High School Inquiry-driven AP Chemistry
Hannah McGrath PSD Global Academy Acid-Base Investigation Grant
Paul McIntyre Wyalusing Valley Junior and Senior High School Hot Plates for Chemistry Lab
Stephen Merten West Lutheran High School Bringing the "T&E" of STEM to High School Chemistry
Barry Meyer Denver Christian School  Expansion of Organic Laboratory Component in Chemistry Classes at Denver Christian School
Bradley Miller J.C. Harmon High School Alternative Energy: Synthesis of a Biodiesel
Jennifer Miller Washington Community High School Improving Data Collection and Accuracy For Student-Driven Research Projects
Cody Miller Midland School District Equipping the Lab! Hands on Activities and Labs for High School Students. 
Moira Milne Contoocook Valley Regional High School  (ConVal) ARC:  Art Reacts with Chemistry
Amiee Modic Katy High School The Heat is On!
Roxanna Moore Harlingen High School South Can I get my BYOD with Go Wireless Probes and a shot of Wi-Fi?
Theresa Morabito Fairport High School Periodic Table Puzzle
Candice Murphy East Saint John High School Hands on Chemistry Laboratory Learning at East Saint John High School 
Michael Mury All Saints Academy Bringing the Periodic Table Up Close and Personal with White Boards
Afton Nance Lakewood High School DNA Analysis for Forensic Science
Vinti Pathak Lincoln Senior High School Laboratory Supplies and Equipment
Heath Petty Cooper ISD Increasing College Readiness 
Sally Pfeiffer Mount Gilead High School Chemistry in the Community Adoption for Chemistry Tech
Rosemarie  Pittenger John P. Stevens High School 3D Molecular Designs Water Kit
Sharon Pitts Calhoun Middle/High School Solar Army Calhoun County
Kathleen Pollock Cedarburg High School Digital Microscopes in the Chemistry and Materials Science Classroom
Jill Printzenhoff Twin Tiers Christian Academy Increasing Proficiency through Properly Functioning Equipment and Adequate Supplies
Julie Retza Crivitz High School Improving Wet Chemistry and Data Anaylsis
Cynthia Riesgraf Forest Lake Area High School Modeling Workshop Proposal
Rachal Roessler Lorena ISD Probes to Exceed
Jan Roy Twin Tiers Christian Academy TTCA ACE Chemistry Lab Equipment Proposal
Hamid Saadzoi Panorama High School Expanding community water testing project
Sharon Schaefer South Pontotoc High School Chrome Book Technology for Every Science Student 
Patricia Scherpf Fontbonne Hall Academy ACS-Hach High School Chemistry Teacher Grant - Patricia Scherpf
Angelica Seager Ramona Convent Secondary School SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer in the Chemistry Classroom
Jill Serling Glenbrook South High School Vernier Melt Stations to Assist in Compound Identity Confirmation 
Amy Shan James Bowie High School Learning Chemistry Anytime, Anywhere!
Julian Shaw Credo High School Chemistry Equipment to Increase Accessibility
Jeremiah Siem Rancho Cotate High School Cougar Chemistry
Paula Skeel Oak Ridge High School ORHS Condensation Tubes 
Laura Slocum Heathwood Hall Episcopal School Improve Methods of Instruction -- Attend BCCE 2016
Sharon Smith Beth Jacob High School, a division of Yeshivath Beth Yehudah Improving Lab Technology Use
Schanen Smith Dixie High School Using Computers in the Chemistry Classroom
Rie Somlai Traders Point Christian Academy Chemical Bonding: Study of Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometry 
Analice Sowell Memphis University School Materials Science in the Chemistry Classroom
Brien Sparling Anzar High School Digital Balances
Andrew Spatz Franklinton High School Franklinton High School Probeware Request
Emily Stafford Texas City High School Help put the CHEM in STEM
Leigh Stafford Eastern Camden County Regional High School  Graduate Chemistry Course Funding towards Masters Degree
Lauren Stewart Sylvania Northview High School  Modeling Nuclear Chemistry 
Rebecca Talik Carrollton High School Water testing in the community
Alla Tandilashvili Fontbonne Hall Academy AP Chemistry Professional Development for Alla Tandilashvili
Catherine Thompson Tesoro High School  Bringing NGSS into Chemistry 
Jon Tietz Baldwin High School BHS Chemistry Technology
Laura Wang School of the Future Vernier Chemistry Probeware