ACS-Hach Professional Development Grant Application

Application Deadline

January 21, 2024

Decision Date

February 28, 2024

Application Instructions

  1. Create an account in the online application system. The account allows you update your application at any time prior to submission and view your application status after submission. Your email address will serve as the username for the account, so use your most preferred email. 
  2. Select “Apply” at the top of the page. 
  3. Select “2024 ACS-Hach Professional Development Grant” to preview and begin your application. 
  4. Enter and submit the required materials for this application form. All information, including the statement of support, must be submitted with this form. Information not currently available in electronic form can be converted to a PDF using the Fax-to-File feature in the top navigation menu. You may save and return to your application until the January 4th submission deadline.
  5. Submit your application. Saved drafts are not considered submitted applications. You must select the “Submit Application” button. A confirmation email will be sent to confirm your submission.

Application Checklist

A completed application will include the following:

  • Name and contact information. You will be notified of your award status on February 28, 2024. Submit contact information based on where you will be during that time. 
  • School information, such as school location, type, and category.
  • Statement of Support. Submit the ACS-Hach Professional Development Grant Statement of Support completed and signed by your school administrator (e.g., principal or superintendent).
  • Proposal. The proposal consists of five sections:
    • Student Impact. Estimate the number of students to be involved or impacted by the project.
    • Proposal Summary & Goals. Briefly summarize your proposal and goals. Limit your resposne to 750 characters (approximately 100 words).
    • Description. What is your professional development opportunity? How will you apply or incorporate your opportunity within the classroom? How do you intend to share your opportunity with your colleagues? Please note, your professional development experience must be completed by September 30, 2024 and your remaining activities must be completed by November 30, 2024 Limit your response to 3,000 characters (approximately 400 words).
    • Outcomes. How will your project improve student learning in chemistry? What learning objectives do you want your students to improve or achieve? Limit your response to 1,650 characters (approximately 250 words).
    • Evaluation. How will you know that your project has met its goals? What will you use to measure and assess your stated outcomes? Limit your response to 1,650 characters (approximately 250 words). 
  • Budget (not to exceed $2,500). The budget should justify the amount requested. Grant funds cannot be used to:
    • Pay indirect costs, administration fees, salaries, or stipends.
    • Reimburse for courses already completed.
    • Support travel costs or conference fees for more than one person. Each person must apply separately.
    • Purchase lab equipment or classroom materials that are not related to the professional development experience. If these items are purchased, total cost cannot exceed 20% of the overall budget.

Review Criteria

As you complete your grant application, please consider that your application will be reviewed against the following criteria:

  • Applicant uses language that is clear, concise and free of grammatical errors. 
  • Responses strongly align with the questions posed in each section.
  • Applicant addresses an important issue or topic in chemistry education. 
  • Proposed plan is feasible. 
  • Strongest proposals will have an impact that will be sustained beyond the funding period. 
  • Budget items clearly support the proposed activities do not exceed $2,500.