Local Section and International Chapter Grants Past Recipients


North Alabama:  A moderated industry panel of various participating industries showcasing their companies, and talking about the expectation they have of their potential and future workforce  

Northeastern:  A symposium (“Stereotypes and Glass Ceilings: Identifying, Discussing, and Shattering,”) which highlights the challenges faced by scientists in the chemical industry and the obstacles they must overcome,  

Omaha:  A career fair, spanning the Omaha-Lincoln area to connect students and members from the Omaha and the Nebraska section with industries in the region.

Puget Sound: The 2nd Annual Fall Industry Panel event for professional development and networking opportunity for undergraduate/graduate students, faculty and industry employees in chemical sciences.

The Graduate Student Symposium (GSS) designed to bridge the gap between industry and academia, which showcases student research in the form of selected presentations and a poster session mixer.

Taiwan:  Host job fairs and resume writing workshops.

Colorado:  Networking events to integrate and increase the involvement of industry members in the local section.

East Central Illinois:  A series of tours to industries within and near our region, which allow local students and interested community members to become familiar with various industry career paths within the field of chemistry.  

Greater Houston:  A Career Fair with Keynote speaker to provide an opportunity to connect members and students with industries in the area.

Green Mountain:  A "Chemical Industry in Vermont" forum with two panel discussions -- local industrial chemistry representing the types of industrial employment in Vermont and HR professionals and their perspective on hiring, an invited industrial speak from outside the section, and a resume workshop.

India: Innovative Science workshops for the development of Entrepreneurship with collaboration of Krishi Vaiganik Kendra (KVK) and Swami Vivekanand University, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, which will demonstrate the cost effective method for organic farming using bioinoculants because in this area people are poor and totally dependent on Agricultural, and provide the knowledge for soil chemistry for excellent production of accurate crops.

Midland:  Lunch & Learn (L&L) series to provide professional development that is both relevant and applicable to the technician role.  

A community-friendly ACS focused exhibit experience to commemorate the centennial of Midland ACS and its alliance with local industry. 

North Eastern:  Host a series of tours of industrial laboratories and pharmaceutical companies in the Greater Boston Area to help younger chemists begin to explore career opportunities outside of academia.

Philadelphia:  A professional development event for students to have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews, resume building, speed networking, and group discussions.

Richland:  "Innovation Track" of programming and events duringthe 73rdNorthwest Regional Meeting (NORM 2018) on the Pacific Northwest National.

Rochester:  All day Symposium for local Chemical and related Industries in the Rochester area.  

San Gorgonio:  A job fair with local chemical employers, a resume writing workshop, networking reception, and hosted panel discussion.

Syracuse:  Science Career Fair to inspire and inform high school and college age students about the various career opportunities in science

Toledo:  A small keynote meeting with our neighboring local sections for undergraduates and local section members.

Tampa Bay:  YCC Industry Fairs plan with aworkshop that focusses on professional development - aimed towards our undergraduate, graduate, post- grad, and professional members.

Chicago:  Co-host an undergraduate symposium at Lewis University, focusing on industry connections. Framed around a student poster session and oral presentations; industry partners will participate in two panel presentations.

Colorado:  An event to facilitate the transition of Chemistry majors and those in allied fields to jobs in chemical industry or government, which will provide information for students seeking careers in the private sector or government.

Iraq:  A workshop between the University and the Ministry of Industry for chemists who are looking for jobs.

Greater Houston:  Host a panel discussion to inspire and inform young women about careers in industry to gain valuable insight from experienced women in various industry sectors.

Kanawha Valley:  Host a career evening for area chemistry students, chemical operators, and technicians, held at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park.

LaCrosse-Winona:  A "reintroduction" of the local section to the chemical industry through a series of networking mixers.

Northeastern:  Host the Chemical Biology in the Hub symposia is a day-long event focusing on cutting edge chemical biology research.  

Princeton:  A Student Career Symposium in conjunction with the NJACS NMR Topical Group Symposium to educate students about the types of career pathways and employment opportunities offered by industry, the requirements and expectations of industrial employers, and provide advice to students on how best to prepare and market themselves for these opportunities.

Portland:  An industry-related event, "Industrial Science in the Pacific Northwest" at NORM 2019, designed as a showcase of industrial science.

University of Michigan:  Host an industry-networking event where both students and industry representatives give presentations.

Chemical Society of Washington:  CSW Career Day which brings together students, professionals, and industry leaders to prepare today’s Chemistry leaders for tomorrow’s job market.

Wisconsin:  Invite local scientists from a variety of local industrial organizations to hold discussions, with the aim of informing and motivating students who are thinking about careers outside of academia.


California (Santa Clara Valley):  A forum dedicated to chemistry-conducting startups that will galvanize a network of ACS members.  

Malaysia:  A one day Career Fair targeting the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering universities students surrounding the central region of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

North Carolina: A presentation and workshop entitled “Social Networking Tools for Scientists and Building an Online Profile” focused on producing various forms of online resumes and using the appropriate tools to do so. 

Florida:  A career workshop and networking event which includes panel discussions and some breakout sessions on specific topics. 

A Meet and Greet Social for all ACS members that live in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, bringing industry and students together.

Greater Houston:  A career workshop for University students and young chemists to help the fellow ACS members prepare for job market and also bring awareness of the several services an ACS member are entitled.

Peru:  A workshop featuring George Rodriguez, speaking about how to improve relationship between ACS and industry and how ACS helps them develop strategies to accelerate the development of innovative products and services to enter new markets.

Philadelphia:  A multisection (Philadelphia, Princeton) event consisting of a career panel discussion for industrial chemists with opportunities for resume reviews and a networking dinner.

Portland:  An industryrelated event is the Oregon Science Startup Forum; and Compile a list of past recipients of scholarships (the top students in our section) and invite them to a celebration of the 50thsets of scholarships.


Shanghai:  Career development symposiums.

Northeastern: Tours of industrial laboratories, worksites, and plants of chemical, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies in the Greater Boston Area.

Southeastern Pennsylvania:  A career exploration event.

Midland:  A series of lunch & learn sessions hosted by the Technicians group.

A symposium at the local Fall Scientific Meeting (FSM) in celebration of our 25th year Anniversary to honor members of MMTG that have received awards from either Outstanding Chemical Tech Student, LS Outstanding Chemical Technician or won the National ACS Chemical Technician award.

Portland:  An Oregon Science Startup Forum (OSSF) to gather scientists with entrepreneurial ideas, designed as a oneday course in science entrepreneurship.

Support a weekend-long retreat and symposium for graduate-level and early-career women in chemistry-related fields, which will feature two professional development workshops. 

Dallas-Ft. Worth:  A yearlong series of workshops (2-4) hosted by the Pioneer Center Internships office, focused on providing specific internship/summer research information to Chemistry students; and a combined networking event/career fair (fall and spring) will take place for employers interested in hiring Chemistry majors.

Princeton:  A unique STEM outreach program that will bring together selected high school and graduate students with professional scientists from industry.