ACS PRF Annual Report 2018 - Citations

Publications Acknowledging Support

The principal investigators, as well as the colleges and universities employing them, and the American Chemical Society express to the Donors of the Petroleum Research Fund their appreciation of their gift that made possible these significant contributions to advanced scientific education and fundamental research in the petroleum field.

51001‐ND2 Vinson, David S.; Blair, Neal E.; Martini, Anna M.; Larter, Steve; Orem, William H.; MCINTOSH, JENNIFER C. "Microbial methane from in situ biodegradation of coal and shale: A review and reevaluation of hydrogen and carbon isotope signatures"  Chem. Geol., 2017, 128‐145

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53848‐UNI3 QUILLIAN, BRANDON P.; Lynch, Will E.; Padgett, Clifford; Lorbecki, Alexis; Tran, Micheal "Syntheses and Crystal Structures of Copper(II) Bis(pyrazolyl)acetic Acid Complexes"  Journal of Chemical Crystallography, 2018, DOI:10.1007/s10870‐018‐0730‐6

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