Brian Stoltz

California Institute of Technology
A novel approach to antitumor antibiotics: Using the power of benzyne in synthesis

Presenting the progress of “A Novel Approach to Antitumor Antibiotics” at the Teva Award Symposium at the August 2012 ACS meeting in Philadelphia was not only an honor, but made for a highly interesting and diverse afternoon of science. Early achievements from our laboratory in the area include the asymmetric total synthesis of (–)-lemonomycin, and the development of an aryne annulation methodology for the synthesis of isoquinolines, have inspired our application of this method to a concise asymmetric total synthesis of (–)-quinocarcin, a mono-THIQ alkaloid. Our additional work within this program has focused on the application of this and other aryne technologies to the construction of polyfunctionalized bis-isoquinolines en route to several additional, biosynthetically distinct members of the THIQ alkaloids.

The Teva scientists and ACS staff made the experience very pleasant and the attentive audience was highly appreciated. I thought the whole experience was very enjoyable!