Ming Xian

Washington State University
Explore new molecular entities for hydrogren sulfide research

Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is an important redox signaling molecule. H2S’s biological action is centered on its reactivity toward heme-proteins and its ability to activate KATP channels. Although the exact mechanisms of action are still under investigation, the production of endogenous H2S and the exogenous administration of H2S have been demonstrated to exert protective effects in many pathologies. It is important, therefore, to develop suitable H2S releasing agents.

These compounds not only can be useful research tools, but also have potential therapeutic benefits. In this project we are studying new chemistry of H2S and sulfide containing compounds. Our goal is to develop a series of long-lasting and controllable H2S releasing agents. We are especially focusing on H2S donor conjugates such as H2S-nitric oxide donor hybrids and H2S-nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug hybrids. Cytoprotective activity and anti-inflammatory activity of these donors/conjugates will also be investigated.

We thank the ACS-TEVA award which supports our exploratory research in this exciting field of hydrogen sulfide chemical biology.