Uttam Tambar

University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center
Late-stage functionalization of drug-like molecules

The late-stage functionalization of complex molecules has emerged as a powerful strategy in chemical synthesis. The ability to selectively install new functional groups into already functionalized molecules has improved the efficiency with which chemists can generate target molecules of medical value, with broad applications in medicinal and process chemistry.

Dr. Tambar's Group is interested in studying an unexplored direction in late-stage functionalization that will impact the process of drug development in a distinct way. Instead of applying late-stage functionalization to access potential therapeutic agents, they propose to develop a chemical platform to directly convert drug-like molecules that are identified as lead compounds in drug development campaigns into tools for chemical biology. They will develop new chemistry for the late-stage installation of key functional groups that provide useful handles for biochemical studies.

Dr. Tambar is an organic chemist with an interest in biomedical research. He received his AB degree from Harvard University in 2000, and his PhD from the California Institute of Technology in 2006. He was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University (2006-2009). He began his independent research career in 2009 at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.