Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship

Fellowship at a Glance

Recipient Student, Early Career
Category Research
Amount$85,000 per year for 2 years


To support a Ph.D. candidate who will pursue research at the chemistry and biology interface with a two-year postdoctoral fellowship.


The Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship (Sigal Fellowship) of the American Chemical Society (ACS) is a two-year postdoctoral fellowship awarded every two years to a Ph.D. candidate who will pursue research at the chemistry and biology interface.

The Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship currently provides $85,000 per year for two years of research at one or more nonprofit institutions in any country.

Candidates are nominated by chairs of Ph.D.-granting Chemistry Departments in the United States. Individuals are not able to submit an application without being nominated.


The Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship provides two years of financial support for a scientist

  • who has earned or will earn a doctoral degree in chemistry during the academic year of the competition or the preceding year in a graduate chemistry department within the U.S., and
  • who wishes to pursue in chemistry postdoctoral research at the biology-chemistry interface.

There are no restrictions on the age or nationality of the fellow.

Nomination Process

During a competition, approximately one-fifth of the U.S. doctoral chemistry departments are invited to nominate one candidate for the Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Applications are reviewed and rated by a panel, and announcement of the Sigal Awardee is anticipated by late June of the competition year.

It is expected that the fellow will commence the two years of postdoctoral study by January 1 of the following year.

How to Nominate

Invitations for nominating candidates for the 15th Sigal postdoctoral award (2024-2026) will be sent in November 2023.


The Sigal Fellowship, established by Dr. Irving S. Sigal’s widow, Dr. Catherine T. Sigal, has two purposes. The first is to honor the memory of Dr. Irving S. Sigal, a brilliant young biochemist who died in 1988 as a passenger aboard Pan Am flight 103. The second is to advance research at the chemistry and biology interface where Dr. Sigal’s seminal work made critical advances which will have enormous influence for decades.

Dr. Irving S. Sigal was a talented and promising research chemist who was one of the pioneers in applying site-directed mutagenesis to study the structure and function of enzymes and proteins. In 1995, his widow, Dr. Catherine T. Sigal, provided funding through the American Chemical Society to establish a postdoctoral fellowship in his memory.

Contact Information

Inquiries should be sent to:

or: Dr. Joerg Schlatterer, Director
ACS Office of Research Grants
Phone: 202-872-8734

Vimeo ID: 45925648

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