Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowship Past Recipients

Congratulations to all past recipients of the Joseph Breen Memorial Fellowship, which supports international green chemistry scholars in green chemistry meetings, conferences, and training programs. Please read the award announcement for the 2022-2023 winners published in The Nexus blog: Nine Outstanding Students Selected for 2023 ACS GCI Travel Awards 

YearName and InstitutionResearch Area
2024Pablo Lopez-Porfiri
University of Manchester (England)
Separation alternatives for green production routes for a sustainable industry
2024Neha Parashar
Indian Institute of Technology Patna
Novel adsorbent synthesis, emerging pollutants removal, and water/wastewater treatment
2024Daniel Reddy
Queen’s University at Kingston (Canada)
Green analytical chemistry; minimized sample sizes/volumes, and reduced waste streams
2023Thomas Freese
University of Groningen
Green feedstocks and chemical transformations using bio-based materials, the use of light and molecular oxygen toward waste-free transformations, and the clean production of hydrogen peroxide
2023Francisco Yarur Villanueva
University of Toronto
Nanocrystalline systems that avoid the use of heavy metal elements such as lead and cadmium for applications in solar energy conversion
2022Holly Rudel
Yale University
Removing heavy metals from water using nanoscale iron-oxide biopolymers
2022Anthony Davis
Idaho State University
Developing greener adhesives from elemental sulfur and natural monomers using an inverse vulcanization synthesis
2021Mary Kate Lane
Yale University
Investigations at the supercritical fluid - nanomaterial nexus: Green solvent synthesis for composition, size, shape, and surface controlled nanomaterials
2020Emily Chapman
Augsburg University
Developing a greener alternative to the Biginelli reaction using microwave irradiation and a urea catalyst
2020Giulia Ischia
University of Trento
Thermochemical processes for the valorization of waste biomass into bio-based products, sustained completely by solar energy
2019Hanno Erythropel
Yale University

Safer product design and green pharmaceuticals

2019Selene Ramer
George Washington University

Computational modeling for greener chemical design

2018Bonnie Buss
Colorado State University

Organic photoredox catalysts and photo-flow reactor systems

2018Luke Morrical
Ohio State University

Combating microbial contamination in food with botanical compounds and biobased polymers

2017Caitilín McManus
Trinity College, Dublin

Palladium substitution in Buchwald coupling reaction

2017Samantha Smith
University of Toronto

Design and applications of new iron-based hydrogenation catalyst

2016Sarah Kwan
Yale University

Exploring the rate of surface microbial redevelopment after cleaning in schools; DNA-sequencing and ATP analysis

2016John-Hanson Machado
George Washington University

Computational modelling of skin permeability

2015Lauren Grant
University of California, Berkeley

Transition metal homogeneous catalysis

2015Zachary Wickens
California Institute of Technology

Organic and organometallic chemistry

2014Jennifer Dodson
Fedderal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Development of natural catalysts from marine polysaccharides

2013Julia Griffen
University of Bath

Sustainable synthesis of biologically active azacarbasugars via microbial arene oxidation

2013Michiel Dusselier
Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

Application of catalysis and green engineering techniques for processes towards the synthesis of biodegradable polymers

2012Danniebelle Haase
University of Pennsylvania

Organic/biological chemistry; Use of catalysts in reactions rather than stoichiometric reagents

2012Kadhiravan Shanmuganathan
University of Texas, Austin

Greener approach to fiber spinning

2011Henning Kayser
Institut für Technische und Makromolekulare Chemie

Tailor made fuels from biomass

2011Michelle Linder
SUNY College at Oneonta

Green synthesis of imines

2010Keary Mark Engle
The Scripps Research Institute

Conversion of unactivated carbon-hydrogen (C–H) bonds into carbon-carbon (C–C) bonds using operationally simple and environmentally benign reagents

2010Galia Maayan
University of Florida

Green oxidation catalysis & alternative energy

2009Evan Beach
Yale University

Sustainability and biofuels

2009Pete Heinzelman
California Institute of Technology

Enzymatic biomass conversion processes

2008Antonio Osario-Lozada
The University of Iowa

Microbial methods for the oxidation of diclofenac


Mageswary Karpudewan
Universiti Sains Malaysia

Green chemistry education

2007Zoe Schnepp
University of Bristol

Bioconversion of lignin to useful chemical feedstocks

2007Adelina Voutchkova
Yale University

Green variant of the Suzuki reaction

2006Dara Woerdeman
Drexel University

Materials: Molecular to macroscopic scale