Romania Chapter

The Romania ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapter began operations in 2013. Members of ACS living in Romania formed this chapter to cultivate the relationship between chemists in the US and in Romania, to help make ACS more known in Europe, and to organize events to promote chemistry in Romania.


  1. Winning of the first Global Innovation (GI) Award from the ACS Committee on International Activities for the project “Analytical Chemistry for a Better Life – Young Chemists Network”
  2. Organization of the 2nd International Conference on Analytical Chemistry: Analytical Chemistry for a Better Life, Targoviste,  in cooperation with Romanian Society of Chemistry and Division of Analytical Chemistry of EUCHEMs.
  3. Co-organization with Transilvania University of Brasov of The Third International Conference on Analytical and Nanoanalytical Methods for Biomedical and Environmental Sciences, “IC-ANMBES 2014”, June 13th – 15th, 2014, Brasov, Romania.

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Chapter Officers

Chair: Dr Raluca I Stefan 

Lab of Electrochem & PATLAB Bucharest, NIR for Electrochem & Condensed Matter, Str Splaiul Independentei Nr 202, Bucharest-6, 060021, ROMANIA

Vice Chair: Dr Calin  Deleanu 

Inst of Organic Chem CD Nenitescu, Str Splaiul Independentei Nr 202B

POB 35-108, Bucharest-6, 060021, ROMANIA


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