United Arab Emirates Chapter

The UAE Chapter was established on December 13th 2015. ACS Council voted, at the ACS National Meeting in Boston in August 2015 to approve the application. The application was ratified by the ACS Board of Directors on December 13th 2015 to operate under the provision of the ACS Bylaw IX (Constitution XIV).

Planned activities

  1. Launching symposium
  2. Quarterly lunch meeting and presentation
  3. Annual full membership meeting
  4. Science/Chemistry summer camp for high school students
  5. Establish Student Chapter
  6. Chemistry Festival
  7. Industrial talk and visit

Steering Committee News

In 2019, a steering committee was formed to develop the framework for "The First ACS Regional Meeting for Middle East and Africa" which was approved during our regional meeting in Amman.  

The steering committee's main goal is to confirm the date and form a local committee, technical program committees and the international Advisory committee representing the regional chapters.

The members of the steering committee are the board members, in addition to Dr. Mohammed Alsayah, Dr. Panche Naumov, and Dr. Na'il Saleh. The conference is expected to take place in mid-January to mid-February 2022 in AUS, Sharjah, UAE. The theme of the conference will align with the UN SDG goals.

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Chapter Officers

Immediate Past Chair: Prof. Wael Rabeh

Chair: Prof. Sharmarke Mohamed

Chair-Elect: Prof. Na’il Saleh

Secretary & Treasurer: Prof. Panče Naumov

Chair of the Advisory Committee: Prof. Jolly Jacob

Academic Outreach Officer: Dr. Sreekumar Pankajakshan

Industrial Outreach Officer: Prof. Maguy Abi Jaoude