Global Innovation Grant: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

ACS members and units including (but not limited to): local sections, technical divisions, international chapters and student chapters are eligible to apply for this grant.

What does the award cover?

The award covers up to $5,000 USD of expenses related in any way to the project. If you have a question about a certain expected expense, please email us at to find out if a certain expense can or cannot be covered by the GI Grant.

What are requirements of successful applicants?

Successful applicants are subject to the following requirements upon acceptance of the GI Grant award:

  • Agreement to use funds solely for activities related to the project approved in the grant proposal application.
  • Spend the award funds before December 31st of the award year
  • Repay any unused portion of the funds to ACS
  • Make timely arrangements using economy class tickets, if travel is required.
  • Maintain records to account for the use of grant funds.
  • Cooperate with any efforts of ACS Global Outreach to publicize the grant award and its outcomes.
  • Comply with reasonable requests from ACS Global Outreach for information about program activities.
  • Submit a final report (2 pages or less) outlining an account of all expenses, key activities, numbers served, impact, and future plans by January of next year.

Can a Global Innovation Grant be linked with other funding for a larger scale project?

Yes. You must outline in your application the entire budget for your proposed project/event, including self and other outside funding.

Can I reuse my unsuccessful application from last year?

Past applications will not be reviewed during the selection process of this year’s GI Grants, so you will not be penalized for submitting an application from a previous year. However, if your application was unsuccessful in a previous year, it is recommended that you review the merits of it to be competitive for this award.