Human Rights Symposia

ACS International Activities organizes a variety of symposia on the role of science, chemists, and associations have in solving human rights issues.

Chemical Sciences and Human Rights

This presentation explored topics relating to how science can assist disadvantaged communities and individuals. Discussion topics included international collaboration, access to clean water, and supporting threatened scholars. This symposium took place at the 2016 National Meeting in Philadelphia.

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The Interface of Chemical and Biological Sciences International Disarmament Efforts

This full-day presentation explored the efforts made by various stakeholders to eradicate and combat chemical and biological weapons. Discussion topics focused around efforts in public policy, scientific, and public outreach. The symposium took place at the 2015 National Meeting in Denver.

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Scientific Freedom and Human Rights in Chemistry and Related Sciences

This presentation focused on how science and scientific associations can address human rights issues in the global community. The symposium included a special address by Nobel Laureate, Sir Harold Kroto and took place at the 2011 National Meeting in Anaheim.

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