What’s new with MyAccount

MyAccount has been reworked to better organize and present account information to acs.org users.  As part of this reorganization, we have created new navigation. Here is what each section contains:

MyAccount Overview provides users  with their ACS account information. Telephone numbers, email, and postal addresses can be updated in this section.

Password is where a user can change their password. This assumes they know their current password. If they do not, there is a link to reset one’s password via email.

Technical Divisions gives users access to links for the ACS Technical Divisions for which they have membership.

ACS Communities allows a user to manage their opt-in status for the ACS Network

My Applications is where users can access the other applications for which they have access. These include:

  • eRosters
  • Member-Get-A-Member
  • Email Management
  • ACS Fellows Nominations
  • ACS Publications Profile (where members can access free publication downloads)
  • Other protected content sites

Linked Account allows a user to manage linking their ORCID identifier to their ACS ID.

Please click around and check out how the new MyAccount is organized.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Customer Service.