Chemistry's Impact on the Global Economy

Presented by Dr. Chuck Kahle


Dr. Chuck Kahle, is the former Chief Technology Officer and Vice President, coatings research and development for PPG Industries. His responsibility included product development globally, administration of a $500 million annual R&D budget and delivery of products that drove profitable growth from laboratories in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Chemistry contributes to many sectors of the global economy – agriculture, pharma, commodity chemicals, basic materials and energy, to name a few. Dr. Kahle will examine the key dimensions of the industrial chemistry enterprise, and its trajectory, in the US, and beyond. Factors that are determining the growth rate of the enterprise will be explored, such as the rate of technology innovation, and the increasing emphasis on mergers and acquisitions within the industry. Emphasis will be given to the role of innovation in the enterprise, including ideas on how to accelerate the rate of chemistry innovation and how to improve success rates for innovations through stronger business cases and better market insights.