Science Cafe Sample Timeline

3 months before the science café

  • Appoint coordinators for science café.
  • Develop an operational plan.
  • Select and reserve site—coffee shop, café, bar, science museum, other venue—for a one time event, or ongoing science café.
  • Contact partner organizations to explore collaboration opportunities.
  • Conduct the proper measures to make sure that liability insurance is available for the venue.
  • Set up a communications system that all committee members can access.
  • Select a topic for your science café.

2 months before the science café

  • Create a budget for the science café.
  • Solicit contributions, both financial and in-kind support, from companies, foundations, and other local organizations.
  • Involve your Public Relations Coordinator to establish contacts with local media
  • Select and invite speakers for Science Café.
  • Contact local radio stations and determine their interest in science café promos.
  • Create promotional materials for the event (flyers, emails, postings, etc)
  • Mail a news release to your media contacts.

1 month before the science café

  • Contact participants to confirm dates, times, and duties.
  • Visit site of science café.
  • Mail additional news releases and call TV, radio, and newspaper contacts.
  • Finalize details for science café.
  • Post science café in calendar listings.

The month of the science café

  • Send emails announcing the science café.
  • Post flyers promoting the science café.
  • Conduct science café.
  • Send thank-you notes and letters of recognition.
  • Document science cafés and report back to

The month after the science café

  • Nominate your science café for a ChemLuminary Award in ACS Community Connection as part of your annual report.
  • Post lessons learned on the ACS Network for other coordinators to use in their planning.