3D bioprinting to help heal wounds

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Doctors might one day use a 3D-bioprinting device like this one to help heal injuries. Reporting in ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering, researchers designed a device that can print biocompatible gel in many directions and depths.

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Automatic Photo-Cross-Linking System for Robotic-Based In Situ Bioprinting
ACS Biomaterials Science & Engineering
Corresponding author: Carmelo De Maria, Ph.D.


Can 3D printing help heal a wound? Doctors might one day use this tool to repair damaged tissues. This bioprinter deposits a material that can support living cells. Bursts of light cure the gel as it’s applied.

But printing directly on the body isn’t easy. Wounds come in lots of shapes and sizes. Researchers designed a device to print in many directions and depths. Individual LEDs light up depending on which direction the ink nozzle is moving. This avoids clogging the nozzle with cured material, creating a custom scaffold for new tissue.

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