Chemistry Ambassadors: Media Relations and Outreach

Would you like to see more positive stories about chemistry in the news? Would you like to see the activities of your local section get news coverage – to both bring people in and to cover the actual event? Maybe there’s an issue in your community that involves science and you’d like to write a letter to the editor. How do you reach the newspapers and other media in your community? More to the point, how do you gain interest in what you have to say?

From local section National Chemistry Week activities to a breakthrough performed by chemists in your town, there are many great chemistry stories happening in your community that your local media may want to cover. But first they have to know about them – and that’s where you, as a Chemistry Ambassador, can make a difference. 

ACS public relations resources

The links below contain highlights from the American Chemical Society PR Guidebook. There’s more detailed information inside the PR Guidebook.

"The value of a scientifically literate public cannot be overstated... we need a public that understands science and the scientific process."

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