Committee on International Activities

What We Do

The 15-member Joint Board-Council Committee on International Activities (IAC) was established by action of the ACS Board of Directors on June 27, 1962, and was upgraded in 1974 to a joint Board-Council Committee. The IAC is responsible for studying and recommending appropriate Society participation and cooperation in international undertakings pertaining to chemical education, professional activities, and scientific matters of interest to chemists and chemical engineers, and coordinating its efforts with those of other organizations.


The mission of the Committee on International Activities is enabling diverse communities of chemical practitioners worldwide to achieve their goals.


Better chemistry through global communities


  1. By 2022, develop a sustainable support system for ACS International Chapters to enhance access to opportunities, resources, networks and training.
  2. Collaborate with chemical communities worldwide on implementing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  3. Be an effective advocate and champion for international members and for the growth of chapters.

IAC Working Groups

IAC is organized in five Working Groups to best meet the committee goals and support ACS international members. These groups are:

Working Group 1 (WG1) - ICSC Liaisons, Partnerships and Collaborations:  The ICSC Liaisons, Partnerships and Collaborations working group provides International Chemical Science Chapters (ICSCs) with a personal connection to the IAC by encouraging and facilitating collaboration between ICSCs, fostering and overseeing establishment of partnerships with ACS local sections, and connecting ICSCs with ACS staff and volunteers.

Working Group 2 (WG2) - Communications and Outreach: This Working Group coordinates activities and communications to other ACS units, including committees, Council, and member groups, such as International Chapters and Local Sections.

Working Group 3 (WG3) - Grants & Recognition: The Grants & Recognition Working Group oversees the promotion of the IAC grants and awards programs, especially to ACS international members and International Chemical Sciences Chapters (ICSCs), and the selection of the recipients.

Working Group 4 (WG4) - Programming & International Chapter Development: The Programming & International Chapter Development Working Group helps with the growth, training and development of International Chapters. This group is also responsible for coordinating IAC programming such as symposia at ACS Meetings, receptions, and more.

Working Group 5 (WG5) - International Chapter Support: The International Chapter Support Working Group provides oversight and strategic advice for ACS International Chemical Sciences Chapters by reviewing Chapter annual reports, providing feedback from the IAC, and offering advice on Chapter governance and activities. In collaboration with the Communications and Outreach Working Group, they advocate for ICSCs, highlighting their unique needs and seeking resources, including long-term funding, for their effective operation.

IAC Leadership Team (IAC-LT): The IAC Leadership Team oversees the overall direction of committee, Strategic Plan implementation, and other administrative functions. Led by the IAC Chair, the Leadership Team consists of Working Group Chairs and other committee leaders as needed.

IAC Leadership Team

IAC Chair: Dr. Sergio Nanita

WG1 Chair: Dr. Jorge Colón

WG2 Chair: Dr. Resa Kelly

WG3 Chair: Dr. Mark Cesa

WG4 Chair: Dr. Tim Hanks

WG5 Chair: Dr. Kabrena Rodda



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