ACS Committees Need You!

ACS welcomes all members on Standard and Premium packages to serve on non-elected committees!

Learn more about how ACS Committees fit into the Society's governance structure and how YOU can become involved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Responsibilities of Committee Members

  • What is the time commitment for serving on a Committee?

    On average, Committees meet monthly for a total time commitment of four hours per month. Attendance may be virtual or in person. 

  • Do I have to participate in Committee meetings and activities in person?

    Committee meetings will have a hybrid option. If you choose to attend in person, financial support will be provided.

  • How long do I serve on a Committee?

    Volunteers are typically first appointed to a one-year term as an associate prior to becoming full members. If appointed, members may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms.  

  • What is the difference between Committee Members, Associates, and Consultants?


    • Term: Three-year term, with a maximum of two terms.
    • Role: Contribute to activities and vote on official committee actions.


    • Term: One year appointment; renewable appointments, depending on committee and available member slots.
    • Role: Learn about the committee and contribute to activities. Associates are not eligible to vote on official committee motions.


    • Term: One year appointment or until assignment is complete (generally <5 years).
    • Role: Provide specialized knowledge, expertise, and/or experience. Likely to have specific assignment. Consultants are not eligible to vote on official committee motions.

    Most initial appointments to committees are for non-voting associate positions. 
  • What if I cannot fulfill my role?

    Current Committee volunteers who cannot fulfill their role can resign or apply for a limited leave of absence by contacting their Committee on Committees (ConC) Liaison. 

Committee Member Eligibility & Selection

  • How can I join a Committee?

    Submit the Committee Preference Form between March 1 to July 1. Read more about Committee Preferences

  • Who can volunteer to serve on a Committee?

    • Non-Elected Committees
      All ACS members on Standard and Premium packages are eligible to serve.

    • Elected Committees (ConC, CPC, and N&E)
      Members must be Councilors to be eligible to serve.
  • What is the Committee Preference Form?

    Completing the Committee Preference Form is the first step in the committee appointment process. Existing and potential volunteers use the form to indicate which committees they wish to serve on. The preference form is open annually for submissions from March 1 to July 1.

  • Do I automatically get appointed to a Committee once I complete the preference form?

    There are limited number of available volunteer slots each year. If you are not chosen to serve on a committee this year, you have the opportunity to reapply the following year.

  • Who is involved in the Committee member appointment process?

    • The Committee on Committees (ConC) reviews preference form submissions from member volunteers and makes recommendations accordingly regarding committee assignments.

    • The President-Elect and the Chair of Board of Directors make the final decision regarding Committee appointments.
  • What is the timeline for appointments to Committees?

    The process begins with the opening of the preference form and ends with the appointment letters being sent out. See the Committee Preferences & Appointment Process for more information.

Types of Committees

  • What are the different types of Committees?

    ACS is comprised of >30 Society Committees with members, associates, and consultants who have volunteereed to serve. There are three Society Committees whose members are elected. These committees; ConC, CPC, and N&E, report to Council. All Society Committees report to either the Board of Directors, Council, or both the Board of Directors and Council.

    See the ACS Committee Structure for more information.

  • What is an elected Committee?

    There are three elected Committees:

    • Committee on Committees (ConC)
    • Council Policy Committee (CPC)
    • Committee on Nominations and Elections (N&E)

    Only Councilors are eligible to serve on ACS elected Committees. To serve on these Committees, members are elected at the Council Fall Meeting.

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