Committee on Chemical Safety


What We Do

Welcome to the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS). This section highlights the Committee's activities and provides administrative resources for its members. Our primary activities include:

  • Publication of standards, tools, and other materials for use in classrooms, laboratories, and the workplace
  • Development of safety policy statements for the ACS Board of Directors
  • Providing advice and assistance to other ACS committees and members
  • Presentation and sponsorship of symposia.


CCS provides collaborative leadership and resources to advance chemical safety.


A scientific community that embraces safety in all activities of the chemistry enterprise.


  • Goal 1: Foster collaborative partnerships to advance safe chemistry.
  • Goal 2: Create and compile chemical safety resources that are current, well-managed and authoritative.
  • Goal 3: Ensure effective dissemination of high quality chemical safety resources.
  • Goal 4: Optimize CCS structure and operations to achieve strategic goals and ongoing responsibilities.

Who We Are


In 1963, the Committee on Chemical Safety (CCS) was established as a joint Board-Council committee. Since that time, CCS has created and maintained numerous guiding safety documents which are in wide use throughout the chemistry enterprise. In 2016, ACS CEO Tom Connelly detailed ACS’s role in Chemical Safety. Since that time, ACS has added safety as a core value, created ACS Safety Programs in the Office of Scientific Advancement to align messaging and content, and added a requirement for safety statements in articles published in ACS journals.

How CCS Lives its Mission

  • CCS works with the Committee on Professional Training (CPT) to ensure that the approved undergraduate programs provide the most up-to-date and best practices in chemical safety education. 
  • CCS supports the Division of Chemical Health and Safety (CHAS) in their technical programming and workshops at the Fall, Spring, and regional meetings. We also support activities at the Local Section level
  • CCS works closely with CHAS to promote safety in graduate education through mentorship activities, peer-led workshops, and ACS Webinars.
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In Memoriam: Ralph Stuart

The Committee on Chemical Safety honors Ralph Stuart, past committee member and chair, who passed away on December 6, 2023. Ralph was a leader and visionary in the world of Environmental Health & Safety for nearly 40 years...

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