CCS High School Chemical Safety Grant

Grant at a Glance

Recipient K-12 Teacher
AmountUp to $3,000
DeadlineAugust 1, 2024


The purpose of the the CCS High School Chemical Safety Grant is to promote chemical safety excellence in secondary education in one of the following areas:

  • Integrating chemical safety into curriculum (e.g., Incorporating risk management, RAMP, into lab activities, teaching risk assessment to students and creating a culture of safety in the classroom).
  • Advocating for safe chemical practices (e.g., developing and implementing peer professional development for teachers and administration, obtaining Chemical Hygiene Officer training).
  • Improving chemical safety infrastructure (e.g., improvements in chemical storage, inventory management, ordering, or waste disposal).


Middle or high school science teachers can request up to $3,000 to fund actions or opportunities that will improve chemical safety in their teaching environment.

Grants may be used for:

  • Attending an approved (ACS, NSTA, AACT) safety workshop
  • Personal Protective Equipment or informational materials for the laboratory
  • Safety oriented professional development
  • Chemical Hygiene Officer (CHO) Training
  • Inventory and ordering management program
  • Compensation for safety consultants
  • Substitute teacher pay

Grants may not be used to:

  • Pay indirect costs, administration fees, salaries or stipend
  • Reimburse for courses already completed
  • Purchase chemicals or experimental materials for students

Applicants may benefit from completing the free online self-paced course, “Foundations for Storing, Organizing, and Disposing of Chemicals in Educational Settings". The course can provide ideas on how to improve the safety infrastructure in the laboratory and chemical storeroom and what funds may be needed. Upon course completion, a certificate is provided as documentation for 10 hours of professional development.


Applicants must be middle or high school science educators who use and/or manage chemicals and teach in a U.S. or U.S. territory school.

Individuals or small educator teams (up to four people) meeting the eligibility requirements can apply. 


Applications are accepted between March 1 and August 1 annually.

2024 Deadlines:

  • Application Deadline: August 1
  • Applicant Notification/Decision Date: October 1
  • Grant Final Reporting Deadline: December 31

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