Emerging Issues Subcommittee

The Emerging Issues Subcommittee helps fulfill the Committee on Chemical Safety’s mission to encourage safe practices in chemical activities. We are frequently called on to develop policy statements for review by CCS and the ACS Board of Directors.

The Subcommittee is also responsible for reviewing and revising CCS publications. (E.g., Chemical Safety Manual for Small Businesses, which is currently being revised into a fourth edition.)

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Current Project(s)

  • Submit for final approval to CCS for the revised and significantly expanded Guide to Chemical Spill Response.
    - Includes specific emergency response procedures for every class of chemical, including high hazard materials. Included forms may be utilized externally.
  • Final peer review for the 4th edition of Chemical Safety Manual for Small Businesses
    - Developed specifically for small research & development firms to help establish safety policies & goals in the chemical laboratory.
  • Complete revisions to Safety Inspections & Audits Manual
    - The original edition from the 1990’s has always been popular in hard copy, but it has never been produced in electronic form for distribution. The subcommittee is updating this manual to include suit 21st century equipment and procedures and also make it available electronically.
  • Submit for final approval to CCS for Employer’s Safety Awareness Expectations for New Hires
    - A checklist of expectations based on education level, from undergraduate to PhD level.
  • Review and revise Security Vulnerability Checklist for Academic & Small Chemical Laboratory Facilities
    - An extensive checklist that covers all imaginable aspects of chemical security.

Past Projects

  • List of Chemical Reagents
    Developed a list of chemical reagents that should not be used in secondary schools
  • Security Analysis Checklist
    Developed a checklist for security analysis for small chemical businesses and laboratories