Committee on Minority Affairs

What We Do

The Committee on Minority Affairs strives to:

  • Promote the recognition of the professional accomplishments of minorities
  • Attract students from underrepresented or marginalized groups to the profession
  • Identify inclusive educational institutions and businesses
  • Work for the increased participation of underrepresented and marginalized chemistry professionals in the Society at all levels
  • Provide mentoring to underrepresented students
  • Compile best practices for recruitment, retention, career development, and evaluation of programs for the advancement of underrepresented scientists
  • And much much more!


Diversify chemistry through the transforming power of inclusion and equity.


Advance a broader, inclusive and equitable chemistry enterprise by empowering underrepresented groups, stakeholders, and marginalized peoples for the benefit of the world.


  1. Increase diversity awareness by providing professional development and recognition opportunities to underrepresented groups within the chemical sciences;
  2. Strengthen ACS programming to reflect a broader, inclusive and equitable chemistry enterprise; and
  3. Enhance shared expertise in effective diversity, equity, and inclusion content and act as a resource to stakeholders.

Who We Are

The CMA is composed of five subcommittees, and sets policies for programs and services initiated by the subcommittees.

Programs and Events

  • Organize symposia at national and regional ACS meetings on relevant topics to the ACS stakeholders, including occasionally programming through other channels, such as webinars.
  • Manage the CMA luncheon program.

Membership Engagement and Professional Development Subcommittee

  • Manage new member on-boarding (provide orientation, propose the best fit within Committee).
  • Partner with the ACS to research CMA constituencies to identify relevant future programs.
  • Manage a professional development program for CMA members (Leadership courses, project management, mentoring, ACS knowledge, ACS Network, etc.).

Communication Subcommittee

  • Manage external communication of the Committee, e.g., Diversity e-briefs, CMA website, social networking, communications to ACS governance, Diversity reception outreach.
  • Manage internal communication to the Committee: CMA network, e-mails.

Awards & Recognition Subcommittee

  • Administer the award programs of the CMA (ChemLuminary Awards, Stan Israel Regional Awards, CMA mini- grants, and future travel grants.
  • Canvas the Committee for nominations of eminent minorities for ACS Fellows (occasionally) and ACS editorial positions.
  • Recognize service to CMA committee for departing members.

ACS Scholars Subcommittee

  • Provide oversight of the ACS Scholars program.
  • Encourage ACS Scholars transition to ACS membership.

Get Involved

Visit, a project of the CMA Communications Subcommittee, to:

  • Find out more about CMA projects, programs, and symposia
  • Meet accomplished chemists from marginalized and underrepresented groups featured in our outreach blog
  • Learn more about Chemluminary Awards, diversity recognition awards, and CMA local initiatives
  • Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the ACS Network

Contact Us

Send an email if you have questions or need more information about the Committee on Minority Affairs.

Reni Joseph
Chair (2022)