Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs

What We Do 

Our Charter

The Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs (CCPA) is responsible for advice and recommendation for ACS action on public policy matters involving the chemical sciences and technologies. To accomplish this, the Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs shall:

  1.  Identify and analyze legislative, regulatory, research, science education funding and other science policy issues that impact the chemical sciences and technologies.
  2. Define, propose, implement, and, where appropriate, work with groups within ACS on courses of action with respect to the above issues, which include but are not limited to: recommendations to the Board on appropriate studies or actions which should be undertaken; comments on policy issues which may be incorporated in ACS official policy statements; providing expert advice to the government on questions concerning the chemical sciences and technologies; and establishing ad hoc and standing subcommittees or task forces of experts to deal with specific issues.
  3. Encourage and facilitate participation by the members of ACS in government relations.
  4. Provide oversight for the ACS Public Policy Fellowship program, including the selection process.

Strategic Plan 


  • Public policy informed by chemistry.


  • Catalyzing ACS communities to improve public policy.


Goal 1: Empower and engage ACS communities with inclusion of diverse voices to interact with policymakers by providing tools, training, and connections

Goal 2: Cultivate a hub of expertise inside ACS to inform and impact public policy including production and maintenance of policy statements and messages on key issues.

Goal 3: Maintain a competitive public policy fellowship program with a focus on the long-term contributions of fellows to the chemical enterprise.

Who We Are

The Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs is a joint Board-Council committee appointed by the President and Board Chair.


Contact Us

Contact CCPA's staff liaison, Caroline Trupp Gil, if you have questions or need more information on the Committee.