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CCPA-CEI ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Promotion of the Society’s Sustainability Position Statements


To encourage ACS members to get involved in sustainability policy issues, the ACS Committees on Environmental Improvement (CEI) and Chemistry & Public Affairs (CCPA) are creating a jointly-administered ACS ChemLuminary Award to encourage local sections and divisions to engage in projects that leverage ACS policy statements connected to sustainability.

The new CCPA-CEI ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Promotion of the Society’s Sustainability Position Statements will recognize a local section, technical division, international chapter, student chapter or regional meeting for an outstanding activity to advocate for, to promote, or to develop awareness of the Society’s Sustainability Position Statements and the role or influence of chemistry on their implementation. The inaugural award will recognize an ACS unit for advocacy activities occurring in 2021. The ACS sustainability policy statements include:

Additional tools

  • CEI also provides mini grants to support activities such as lectures, community events, and educational events, that would be eligible for the new ChemLuminary Award.
  • ACS has a rich set of tools to support ACS members with advocacy activities.
  • ACS groups considering advocacy activities are encouraged to reach out to the chairs of the two committees, who can connect them to further information and resources.

Self-nominations for this award

Self-nominations for this award should address the following questions:

  1. Which of the ACS position statements on sustainability is/are being addressed?
  2. Who is the target group engaged to advocate for or make aware of this position statement, e.g., government, public decision maker, academia, industry, NGO, or other related group(s)?
  3. What action(s) were taken or activities completed to make the targeted group or chemistry community aware of the position statement and its implications? Please include planning, presentation, and attendance of the targeted group.
  4. How has the role/influence of chemistry in furthering sustainability been promoted to the targeted group and/or the chemistry community in order to implement this position statement? 
  5. What are the expected outcomes from, and the broader impacts of, the activity you described?