Committee Structure

ACS is comprised of Society Committees with members, associates, and consultants who have volunteereed to serve. There are three Society Committees whose members are elected. These committees; ConC, CPC, and N&E, report to Council.

See below which Society Committees report to the ACS Board of Directors, Council, and those that report to both the ACS Board of Directors and Council. 

Committees Reporting to the Board of Directors

  • Board of Trustees, Group Insurance Plans for ACS Members
  • Committee on Professional and Member Relations (P&MR)
  • Committee on Public Affairs and Public Relations (PA&PR)
  • Governing Board for Publishing
  • National Historic Chemical Landmarks
  • Petroleum Research Fund (ACS PRF)

Society Committees Reporting to Council

  • Analytical Reagents (CAR)
  • Committees (ConC) (Elected Committee)
  • Committee on Corporations Associates (CA)
  • Constitution & Bylaws (C&B)
  • Council Policy (CPC) (Elected Committee)
  • Divisional Activities (DAC)
  • Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA)
  • Ethics (ETHX)
  • Local Section Activities (LSAC)
  • Meetings and Expositions (M&E)
  • Membership Affairs (MAC)
  • Nomenclature, Terminology and Symbols (NTS)
  • Nominations and Elections (N&E) (Elected Committee)
  • Project SEED (SEED)
  • Technician Affairs (CTA)
  • Patents and Related Matters (CPRM)
  • Professional Training (CPT)
  • Publications (PUBS)
  • Public Relations and Communications (CPRC)
  • Science (COMSCI)
  • Senior Chemists (SCC)
  • Women Chemists (WCC)
  • Younger Chemists (YCC)

Society Committees Reporting to both Board & Council

  • Budget and Finance (B&F)
  • Chemical Safety (CCS)
  • Chemistry and Public Affairs (CCPA)
  • Chemists with Disabilities (CWD)
  • Community Activities (CCA)
  • Education (SOCED)
  • Environmental Improvement (CEI)
  • International Activities (IAC)
  • Minority Affairs (CMA)

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