CCPA Activities

The ACS Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs activities include the following:

Public Policy

  • Sponsor and oversee development of annual ACS R&D Position Statements. 
  • Help plan and attend ACS governance and member visits with relevant legislators.
  • Review priority agency R&D budgets and develop advice on priority programs for science managers at key R&D agencies in order to influence annual agency budget proposals.
  • Guide ACS work on other policy issues impacting the chemical sciences and technologies.

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Member Advocacy

  • Increase member participation in and effectiveness of the Act4Chemistry legislative action network (LAN). Work to increase LAN membership in key legislative districts.
  • Develop and approve local section ACS Grassroots Awards and nominations.
  • Oversee and encourage participation of ACS members in government affairs through educational materials and events, including events in priority legislative districts to educate ACS members and legislators on science policy issues and facilitate member interaction with elected officials. Encourage ACS member district visits with legislators.

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  • Review applications and prioritize candidates for both Science Policy, and Congressional Fellowships and help select fellows annually.
  • Review the publicity, application and selection processes and implement improvements.

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National Meeting Schedule

CCPA meets semiannually, on Saturday of the Spring and Fall national meetings. In addition, CCPA members are encouraged to participate in an advocacy- or policy-related activity once a year in Washington DC. These activities may include the ACS or multi-society Legislative Summit, federal agency visits, or other relevant activities.  These additional activities often assume a two-day time commitment.

Reimbursement Policy

For meetings at the national meetings, expenses are reimbursed according to the ACS reimbursement policy:

ACS will reimburse non-Councilor committee members, associates, and consultants for reasonable, ordinary and necessary transportation, lodging, and meal expenses incurred by attending meetings of Council-related committees at national meetings, up to an amount equal to 50% of the amount Councilors can be reimbursed under the Councilors Travel Expense Program.  For Councilors, reimbursement is provided through the Councilors Travel Expense Program.

If necessary, ACS will reimburse certain travel expenses incurred due to authorized committee meetings and work performed outside of national meetings. CCPA members, associates, and consultants are reimbursed for meeting expenses incurred for the committee-related activity in Washington, DC.