National Historic Chemical Landmarks Subcommittee

What We Do

Celebrating chemists and chemistry that transformed our lives

The mission of the National Historic Chemical Landmarks (NHCL) program is to enhance public appreciation for the contributions of the chemical sciences to modern life in the U.S., and to encourage a sense of pride among practitioners for chemistry’s rich history. The program does this by recognizing seminal achievements in the chemical sciences, recording their histories, and providing information and resources about Landmark achievements.

The NHCL Subcommittee reviews Landmark nominations and forwards those it approves to the ACS Board for consideration. The Subcommittee also reviews and edits Landmark materials that are released to the public, including bronze plaques that are mounted at Landmark sites, and webpages that describe the history and context of the honored achievements.

Who We Are

The Landmarks Subcommittee reports to the ACS Board Committee on Public Affairs and Public Relations, which acts on behalf of the ACS Board of Directors on Landmarks-related matters. Subcommittee members have included science historians, chemists with an interest in science history, science museum directors, science teachers and others.


Get Involved

  • Propose a historic chemical achievement for consideration as a landmark. Please consult the nomination guidelines or email us.
  • Want to be considered as a Landmarks Subcommittee member? Send us an email.

Contact Us

Send an email to ACS staff liasion Sophie Rovner if you have questions or need more information about the National Historic Chemical Landmarks Subcommittee.