Senior Chemists Committee

What We Do

The Senior Chemists Committee (SCC) encourages engagement and collaboration across the Society with ACS groups and within the community. SCC’s objectives are to improve communication among senior chemists, increase the number of senior chemists’ groups and the level of their engagement within local sections, and encourage the involvement of senior chemists in programs focused on K-12 education, undergraduate networking, and mentoring.


Senior Chemists giving back.


Serving people through Senior Chemists’ knowledge and experience.


  • Goal 1.  Outreach.  Work with other ACS Units to develop programs  targeted to external audiences
  • Goal 2.  Inreach.  Provide quality engagement opportunities and information for Senior Chemists
  • Goal 3.  Partnerships.  Expand the reach of the SCC in ACS through collaborations and alliances with other Units

Who We Are

The SCC currently consists of 20 members, and nine associate members, who are appointed as the ACS President and Chair of the Board of Directors deem necessary. The Committee serves two constituencies within the ACS: (1) seniors who are still active either as full time or part time employees, consultants, or those who still wish to stay closely connected to the ACS and its spectrum of activities; and (2) younger members and students who have questions about a chemistry-based career, or who have started careers and are looking for guidance on how to progress.


Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved and make a difference:

Contact Us

Send an email if you have questions or need more information about the Senior Chemists Committee.